Nov 222009
Peppermint Crème Coffee
A combination of cool, refreshing peppermint and sweet cream create the perfect holiday treat!
This is a food find I have to give credit to my friend Justine for as she was the one who found it at Fresh Market.  Last week I got am email that said I HAD to try this coffee and she had brought some in to brew. I took my behind right down to the third floor, looked at her and she pointed to the break room. I got in there and three pots were full of coffee. Hmm…this would come down to the sniff test. Would I even be able to tell? I sniffed the first, hmm…doesn’t smell like anything special. Sniffed the second. EW! Work sludge (the facilities manager at work doesn’t drink coffee) and the third…..

PEPPERMINT HEAVEN. It almost cleared my sinuses. Granted, I love peppermint in all forms but this is one of the best. They must put peppermint oil right in with good quality coffee. Drink this and you’ll think Christmas!

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