Spider Pose

Spider Pose.

After Body Pump yesterday I followed up today with a light yoga class to stretch out. Granted light is a relative term. One of my co-workers was very surprised to see that even though it wasn’t a heated class I had built up a good deal of internal heat and was therefore sweating. I constantly hear “easy” and “boring” to describe yoga.  Easy? Maybe, if that is what you are up for that day.  Boring?  As long as you put into your practice what you want to get out of it, then never.  Until one experiences the benefits for themselves they will not understand.

What I love about yoga is it is a practice. As my teacher Alyson states, “We are all students on the mat.” Never static, it ebbs and flows tailored to each person however they are feeling that day. Vinyasa Flow is my preference. It moves swiftly and smoothly like a ballet, tying breath into each movement thereby becoming a meditation in motion. No two classes or teachers are the same. The sequence, intensity, temperature and form can change. There are so many benefits; stress relief, flexibility, increased lung capacity, strength. Even though there are many people that do this type of yoga purely for the caloric burn, that is just a wonderful side bonus. It has been so interesting to watch the evolution of my classes over the years as all the students become stronger and more willing to take risk.

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