Dec 112009
The elusive Fattoush.  Very hard to catch a photo of one.  My first attempt to fix up my leftovers at home did not do it any justice at all.  Granted the photo was taken with my Nikonosaurus.  I now snuck my brand new (new is a relative term here, it’s actually a refurb) Canon 30D into Mandaloun Mediterranean with me.  My problem this time?  No tripod in my purse and REALLY low light…therefore, camera-shake so I had to take this with (the horror) a flash.
See the results below. 

Could this be the best salad ever? I have tried to recreate it at home with an alteration of this Fattoush recipe and was not able to match the perfection of the one made at a local restaurant called Mandaloun Mediterranean. The fresh flavors of the aromatic parsley and mint, the tartness of the lemon (and pomegranate!) paired with good quality extra virgin olive oil and the CRUNCH of pita chips is sublime.

I vow to keep trying to get the perfect shot that will do it justice.

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  1. Dawn this looks delicious! Perfect for packaging up & giving away as a little Christmas happy : )

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