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I got my new camper tonight.  It’s not actually new just new to me.  Lemme tell ya the whole story.
Sunday, on the way back from our night in St Augustine…..
 ….I saw this little beauty on the side of the road at a boat dealership and thought that is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
So I had Monday off and my mom and I happened to decide to go back to eat at the Floridian and just happened to pass by this camper again and decided to pull in.
Here we are checking things out.
The windows open and little screens come down or you can pull the privacy blind down.

The gas stove has never been used so of course I’m so excited about it.
Have to mention it cause this is a food blog after all.

There is a skylight.

We both agree it could sleep, like, 20 people.

The only problem was convincing the hubs.  A non camper.
I called him while we were at the dealership.
Babe…so I found a camper.
He said, what the *$&#**##*#*&$&  we don’t have the money for a (*&&*(( camper!
Ok so we’ll just talk about it later.
We talked and I presented my side and he sent his dad out there (who is an electrical engineer) and my dad out (very long background in camping and can fix anything) to test everything out.  The AC, heat and gas stove functioned perfectly.
So here it is Wednesday night and I have it in my hot little hands. 
And Chris picked it up for me.
And is ready to put rims on it.
And was looking at accessories on line.
For someone who doesn’t like camping he sure does seem a little excited.  Ha!
Look at my little muffin in the bottom left corner.  She was all excited about “Gabby’s Camper”.


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