Apr 032011
A quiet, very rare, breakfast for one.
Ezekiel Bread, Fresh Tomato and Coffee.
 Listening to the birds in the canopy around my house.
The calming photo of the river in my bathroom.
 Tally taking a snooze.
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  5 Responses to “A Quiet Morning. I love….”

  1. Oh I like this post. It's nice to remember those calming moments in our lives (sometimes we don't have enough of them).

  2. Wow I honestly feel a little more at ease after seeing those pictures. Your backyard would be my paradise!

  3. Oh Dawn this looks so nice..I need to eat my breakfast with a candle sometime, that looks so peaceful.

    Your dog is gorgeous :-) and I love that picture of the river, so calming.

  4. It really was peaceful this morning. I swear the birds sang all day today.
    I use candles all the time. They really are so calming!

  5. These are great! Love the picture of the doggie!

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