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My mom bought me a subscription to Oprah Magazine a few years back as a gift and in the July 2011 issue there is a photo by Richard Foulser that really spoke to me.  Along with the photo there was a quote by Marcel Proust.
Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”.  -Marcel Proust

After searching around I found the below information about the photo that made it even more special but I have been unable to find the original source or the photographer’s website.
This was the inspiration for a little letter I wrote to my daughter that I wanted to share since I haven’t done any gratitude posts lately.  Her age, almost 3, can be very challenging and I find myself losing patience and getting frustrated so it’s nice to take a step back and be thankful. 
To everyone out there with a daughter (or son) please give her a hug and appreciate each and every day (no matter how much they can drive you crazy!)

Letter to my Daughter.
I knew from the time you were born that we would be two peas in a pod;
That you came to our lives each day I thank God.
Being a parent over these short years has taught me so much;
Every day I look forward to your gentle touch.
I love spending time with you, it makes my heart sing;
To teach you about life, I take you under my wing.
Seeing the world through your eyes, each bug a delight;
Excitement each day makes everything bright.
Through raising you I have learned patience and strength;
And insight as well hearing your day at length.
The times I get frustrated you maybe can’t see;
That every minute of every day I’m so glad you’re with me.
I look forward to hearing your voice every morning;
That fabulous smile sends my heart soaring.
Though I will be sad when you are grown;
I know that I will never be lone.
For through our lives we’ll always be friends;
And when you’re and adult you’ll come back in the end.
How do I know this? I know this because;
Your nana and I are friends without pause.
We’ve always been close as best friends can be;
Even when you’re grown up you’ll be my sweet pea.
I love you!
Poem by Dawn Hutchins 6-21-2011
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  13 Responses to “Gratitude Post – A Letter to My Daughter”

  1. What a fantastic post!! I love this. Such a very special thing that she will have from you to cherish one day.

  2. Wow thanks girl! I’m definitely not a poet but it was fun to come up with something for her.

  3. Oh my goodness what an awesome post!! I agree this will something for your daughter to always cherish!! What a great mom you are!!

  4. I have a tear in my eye after reading this post. It's very special. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  5. Oh such a sweet post, Dawn! I know that you and your daughter will look back on it and smile together…through the terrible threes, and terrible teens, and all of the good times dotted throughout her life!

  6. Such a beautiful poem…such a lovely picture…such a moving post! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your world. It made me smile. I hope you are having a beautiful Wednesday. Love from Austin!

  7. Beautiful, Dawn! It really is such a privilege to share our lives with our children. The absolute joy I get from a hug, a smile, an “I love you” or just the sound of my child's laughter makes up for the frustrating, difficult moments. Thanks for this lovely post, and the reminder of being grateful for the blessing that children are even on their most difficult days.

  8. Very sweet!

  9. That's amazing! Thank you for this….Been trying for a baby for 3 years now and stories like this stop me from throwing in the towel :) Much aloha to you and your sweet pea!

  10. Thank you all for the sweet comments. Mandy, don't give up! I lost my first one at 8 months and then had two miscarriages over three years so I swear it can happen!

  11. Wow Dawn…that is crazy. I am so sorry for you losses. That must have taken a serious toll :( I'm so happy things worked out in the end though….
    Thank you for the encouragement xo

  12. Dawn, you really inspire the mother I hope become someday. I mean that :)

  13. Thanks girl. It's definitely the toughest but most rewarding experience ever!

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