Know Your Vegetables Workshop

This weekend was the KYV Farm Know Your Vegetables workshop-what a great success!  With almost 30 people in attendance we all snuggled up, and since space was limited we unfortunately had to turn a few back-but don’t despair!  We will plan another soon.

Click here if you attended the workshop and need a copy of the workshop materials.

We shared how to wash and store some of the lesser known vegetables, tips and tricks, four great dishes, ways to get your kids to eat veggies, and lots of laughs. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!
Throughout the workshop the chickens kept peeking their heads in to see what the ruckus was.

Vivian graciously extended her kitchen to members and future-members-treating us all like family.

 My friend Jaclyn helpped with prep and serving.  Thanks so much Jaclyn!

 Vivian’s daughter, Veronica, helped set up this gorgeous spread with our handout, some great recipe books and fresh veggies from the farm.

The kids enjoyed the gorgeous day during the workshop.

Some of our fabulous attendees-You guys rocked!

Folks were still filing in and in the end we had people out the front door

I started working on the veggies to roast and the big pot o’ soup-veggies, beans, lentils and barley with home made veggie broth.  Come to the next workshop for that great tip! 

Here I am doing a quick taste test.

The hostesses

 Vivian discussing steaming.
Here I am probably yapping about the roasted veggies.

Jaclyn serving up the samples-first up was the soup.
It got very quiet in there for a while….

Giving the kale a nice massage. Even kale needs a spa day.

 My mom-the photographer-snapped this great photo of her plate…soup veggies, roasted veggies, sautéed collards and kale salad.

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