Wine and Mila Tasting

I promise to get back to some recipes soon but first I want to thank all that attended the Wine and Mila tasting last night.  Candles, music, wine and amazing food – I think we all had a great time! My only regret is that I didn’t get more photos.
I made some cookies with Mila instead of eggs and my seven layer dip was a big hit.  No one could believe that the sour cream was actually made with cashews and Mila was mixed in with the black bean layer.
Lots of wine (and notice my Vegan 7 layer dip in the background)
Great mix of friends!

Michele, Larissa, Dan and my mom

Strawberry Salad with Mila See Dressing
I can not wait until my next wine and Mila tasting!  What a perfect excuse to have a get-together.  🙂

What is Mila?
Mila is an organically grown, non-genetically modified blend of chia seed that is cold pressed and sliced to make it more bio-available. 
It is RAW, GLUTEN FREE, AND VEGAN, perfect for cooking and baking
It is super high in OMEGA 3s – equal to 6 to 10 fish oil pills per serving.  
A single serving also has FIVE GRAMS OF FIBER, more antioxidants than blueberries, more iron than spinach and many more benefits.
This little seed has anti-inflammatory properties, is excellent for brain function, energy, elimination, sleep and the best part?  It’s a FOOD!
Try some for yourself!  (Click here)

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