Sep 072012
 Tired of rice?  Quinoa old news?  Bust out the barley! 

Barley rocks!  It’s nutty and chewy and has lots of fiber and niacin – a B vitamin that can help prevent cardiovascular disease.  For you Mila lovers out there – these are perfect recipes to sprinkle a tablespoon on just before you eat your serving. Not only will this keep you regular but these slow burning carbohydrates will keep your energy up and keep you fuller longer – aiding in weight loss.

Here are seven of ways to eat this hearty grain with both vegan and vegetarian options (in no particular order – these are all number one in my book). 

 #2 Barley pairs perfectly with peanut butter, apples and raisins. 
Peanut Butter, Barley, Apple, Raisin Salad

#3 Love hearty mushrooms and walnuts?
You’ll love this one. 
If you are vegan try this “feta“.

#4 Mmm, sun dried tomatoes and kale. 
If you’re vegan try this “sour cream” recipe and add the herbs.

#5 Refreshing with lemon and parsley.
Eating Well’s Butternut and Barley Pilaf Even Better!
#6 Get ready for fall with this satisfying, delicious and healthy soup.
Florida Fall Harvest Soup
#7 Take a trip to Morocco with chickpeas and apricots.

  7 Responses to “Barley, 7 Delicious Ways”

  1. So many awesome options… I need to make barley more. I think because it takes longer to cook, I don't make it. But I love the texture, thanks for the ideas!

  2. Great ideas, Dawn! I love quinoa but agree that I can't eat it all the time. You need to mix things up. My newest craze is kasha! :)

  3. Hi Lizzy!!!! Me too. I have been making quinoa a bit more recently because of the quick cook time but the barley is SO worth it.

  4. Hi Janet! I haven't tried kasha yet but NEED to.

  5. Barley is good stuff! I have used to make a risotto-style dish on occasion.

  6. I've never cooked with barley before. Thanks for the inspirations. Looks yummy!

  7. I remember the risotto style dish Cara!

    You would love the Moroccan version I bet Amanda.

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