What are your goals and dreams? 3

My life has been a whirlwind lately!  It’s amazing how things start to change when you focus on the positive.
I have no doubts that the next two years of my life are going to be very different than the last twelve.
I currently work a day job with a great company and some amazing people.  At the same time, I have some long term goals that include health coaching, children’s programs, writing a book, a cookbook, more recipe development and motivational speaking.

So why am I so sure things are going to be different?  Because my mom’s nurse practitioner at her neurologist sent me a bag of Mila, and after three weeks of eating it, I decided to create my own side business.  Through this new change I found the motivation to start listening to motivational CD’s, read inspirational books, and watch moving documentaries.  In just the few short months I have been doing this I have met many new friends that all have the same interests I do and I have now found the way I can reach my long term goals.  My mission is to help people – with their health and their lives, and this is my springboard.
Since starting up my business,  I appeared on First Coast News talking about CSA and KYV Farm, and I have achieved a little dream of mine – to collaborate with  Native Sun and do recipe development for them – Native Sun is a local natural food store that was instrumental in helping me with my daughter’s food allergies.  I am the most proud about this recent achievement! I hope you will visit their website and stores a lot if you are in the First Coast area.  Here is the launch post! http://nativesunjax.com/blog/featured-recipe-pineapple-tomato-chimichurri-over-teriyaki-tofu/.
Me, Dawn Hutchins, on First Coast News with Phil Amato
Last week was another Mila event – we enjoyed the view, drank a few cocktails and socialized, ate food made with Mila, talked nutrition and the importance of Omega 3s and fiber in your diet (as well as your parents, kids and even pets).
Here some of the pics of the event!
Tell me – What are your dreams?  What are the steps you’re taking to reach them?
I love hearing what people’s dreams and goals are, and who knows, maybe writing them here will help you lay them out and start on your path to achieving them!
Penthouse of the Peninsula Landmark Building, downtown Jacksonville, Florida
Delicious food made with Mila
Getting ready for the event
View of the Jags stadium
View of downtown Jacksonville, Florida
Mila, the little seed that’s making a big impact
Me, Dawn Hutchins, and Rachel Garcia
Jodi McLeod and her cute mom
The Lifemax/Mila event
Rachel discussing omega 3s and fiber
A great mix of people interested in nutrition
Theresa and her hubby enjoying the view

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Dawn Hutchins is a health & wellness entrepreneur that specializes in plant-based living education and coaching. She's a published author, wife, and mother of one sweet little girl. When she's not crusading for the advancement of plant-based nutrition, she's camping, stretching in yoga and paddleboarding on her SUP.

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