Happy Bloggiversary to Me! Celebrating with Pumpkin Butter Oats. 10

As if one anniversary wasn’t wonderful enough I also get to celebrate a second one!  I would just like to say thank you to some of my blog friends for continually visiting me and leaving lovely and insightful comments.  Ashlee, Cara, Joanne, Laura, Heather, Monet, Amanda, Tasha, Foy, Lizzy, Ashley, Joanne and new […]

One Thing I Learned Today 9

One of the most excellent bloggers ever, The Pioneer Woman, just posted the best blog post ever.  Ten Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging.  Number ten being my favorite. 10. Value every person who takes time out of their day to stop by your blog.Tell ‘em you love ‘em. Regularly. So here goes. […]

From the Pantry. Hearts of Palm Salad. 4

A few weeks ago we had two couples staying at the house for about a week as they have a business that hosts large corporate conferences and this one happened to be here in Jacksonville.  They were actually lovely house guests and once they left the house seemed empty.  While […]

Weight Loss

The Slow Weight Creep 1

Ack! It’s coming and I can’t seem to stop it. The slow weight creep. I’ll let you guys in on a little tidbit.  Being thin and weight loss does not come naturally for me.  I have to work so hard at it and I’m always tweaking what I’m doing to […]

Sage advice…. 1

….from my body pump teacher?  “If you don’t change you won’t change.”  Deep. She was trying to get us to up our weights in body pump class and said this and I thought you know what, she’s right!  I was so grateful to get this post as it was sort […]

Gratitude 2

Happy Hump Day All!  An unfortunate incident happened to me at the St. Augustine farmers market over the past weekend that has my beloved Canon camera in the shop.  I was pulling out the baby stroller and it hooked over my camera strap.  The camera bumped into the side of the […]

Trip to the Farmers Market, St. Augustine, Florida 2

The Saint Augustine Farmers market is a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, baked goods, artists, music and prepared foods. This past rainy Saturday was a bit sparse on the vendor side, however, my favorite organic farmer was there (see below right) and the ladies I discovered at my […]

Father Daughter Date Night 4

Dad with standing with a photo of his art work at a local restaurant (Kingfish Grill in St. Augustine) that purchased and displays his art!  You go dad! He is a very talented artist that does Gyotaku which is the art of Japanese fish printing. [Please note that though this restaurant has […]

Gratitude to live in the USA

After hearing more about the horrible earthquake in Haiti on NPR during my drive home, my day yesterday seemed like it wasn’t too bad.  Any minor inconveniences were swept away when I turned down the street to my house.  I am so lucky my family and I are safe and sound. If you […]

Gratitude, The Call and The Challenge 3

Last Friday night I got the call. The call from my pediatrician. I had already found out my daughter is allergic to my dogs.  (I have two Labradors that she adores).  I found out she is also allergic to dairy, soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat and cod fish. My jaw dropped […]

Gratitude for Peppermint Coffee

I know I have written about this peppermint coffee before but seriously, I’m grateful for it every morning.  On one hand it’s now on sale on the other hand it’s seasonal so I won’t be able to get it soon!  I bought three bags. Coffee: The New Health Food? Tell […]

Gratitude for Clean Running Water and a Clean Sink 1

For my daily gratitude I have one that is a double whammy today. Clean running water at my beck and call AND a clean sink. World facing “silent emergency” as billions struggle without clean water or basic sanitation, say WHO and UNICEF Tell me, what are you grateful for today?

Gratitude and a New Idea 2

Gratitude Last night I was looking through blogger trying to find some yoga blogs when I stumbled across a blog titled simply “Thank You”. I scrolled through and enjoyed some of the photos and then closed down my search. Suddenly I stopped. Wait, that was an amazing blog. I want […]