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Liquid Vitamins Vs. Pill Vitamins

A dive into the confusing world of vitamins ~ Liquid Vitamins Vs. Hard Pill Vitamins and a few suggestions. Liquid Vitamins Vs. Hard Pill Vitamins There are all kinds of differing opinions on this subject.  But who is right?  We all know you can find the answer you are looking […]

Coral Calcium

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Wheeler Body Works – Win a Free Massage, Flexibility Session and Fitness Consult with Personal Training Session

I have been very blessed by the people that have come into my life. Two of those people being my sister and brother in law – Kathryn and Matt.  You will never meet more genuine, caring and deeply devoted people. I’m so grateful to be part of their lives. Kathryn […]

Fabulous Vegan Find-Hickory Ridge Organics

   St Augustine is one of the best places on earth to visit-tons of history, night life, beaches, restaurants and scenery. If you haven’t been there you must put it on your bucket list! Each time I go, I discover something new and fabulous. Two trips ago I found the […]

Homeopathic Itchy Scalp Help and Today’s Veggie Pics

Homeopathic Itchy Scalp Help I am so excited to share a homeopathic cure for itchy scalp that really works (hubbs tested last night).  Ever since cutting his hair shorter his scalp has been super itchy.  He tends to have IS anyway, but recently it has been much worse and when […]

Non Food Stress Relief? There is Such a Thing!

One of my new favorite blogs is called Rawmazing.  In a fairly recent post she listed a recipe for Stress Relief for the Winter Blues which included Epsom salt, coarse sea salt and essential oils. I decided to give it a try because…..I have a new bathroom! Ok so I just painted […]