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Sensational Seasonal Lentil Soup with a Surprising Ingredient – Radishes! 3

 Utilize all your farmers market produce in this Sensational Seasonal Lentil Soup with a Surprising Ingredient – Radishes!  Step into my day dream of a Utopian world with an organic farm at the center prompted by my first installment of veggies last Wednesday. What a variety it was! 1) KALE 2) SPAGHETTI SQUASH or EGGPLANT(not in […]

Sensational Seasonal CSA Soup

Come Visit Me at KYV Farm on April 22nd for the Tour De Farm!

Happy Saturday all! Sorry for the repost but due to technical difficulties, the info didn’t save in the body of my update.  _______________________________________________ The Tour De Farm next Sunday the 22nd is where local farms in Northeast Florida will throw open their doors to the public to explore and taste.  Please come visit me at […]

A Farm to Table Dinner and a Recipe! Pasta Alfredo with Fresh Peas, Spinach and Eggplant 1

Farm to Table Dinner at the Floridian in St Augustine featuring KYV farm, Terks Acres Goat farm, Cartwheel Ranch First order of business….a glass of wine. And a peek at the restaurant, pre-event… My Mom getting a glass as well before the guests arrive… The Guests of Honor, Francisco and Vivian from KYV Farm My […]