Slow, Clean & Green Resources

Here you will find Slow, Clean and Green Resources in the North Florida area including links to Farms, Farmers Markets and Slow Food First Coast information.


KyV Organic Farm

1670 Borrow Pit Rd, Switzerland, FL 32259
The farm field is located at:
7086 County Road 16A, St Augustine, FL 32092
Vivian Bayona
CSA Membership / Customer Service
(787) 232-2234

Frog Song Organic Farm

4317 NE US Highway, Hawthorne, FL 32640
(352) 468-3816

First Coast Farmers Markets

Slow Food Restaurants

North Florida Farms
Are you a local farm that would like to be added to the resource list? If so contact me at chefdawn (at)

Cognito Farm
18806 NE 21st Pl Starke, FL 32091
(904) 796-8040

“We avoid use of herbicides, pesticides and petroleum based fertilizers. We do not use antibiotics or hormones as growth promoting agents. We use agricultural methods that reduce our carbon footprint, build our soils and reduce erosion.”

KyV Farm
1670 Borrow Pit Rd, Switzerland, FL 32259
(787) 232-2234

“We are a CSA market garden located in a heavily developed area in Northwest of St. Johns County. Our mission is to provide a fresh and healthy alternative for the community. We use only sustainable farming methods with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our farming practices include crop rotation, cover crop as green manure, compost and mulches, using proven organic seeds, good irrigation systems and cold frames to start/extent our season.”

NaVera Farms
46480 Sauls Road
Callahan FL 32011

Walking tours, educational programs
“A heritage based farm…Holistic, Organically driven and Educational, Environmentally focused. It’s all about Sustainability and working with nature.”

Twinn Bridges
Maclenny, FL

Tours, Soaps, Produce

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA or Farm Share)

 What is it?

A farm share, also called Community Supported Agriculture or CSA, is where you subscribe to a local farm membership.  Prior to the start of the growing season you purchase a “share” of the expected vegetable and/or fruit crop as well as a possible variety of other food items such as farm fresh eggs, artisan breads, meats, etc.

  How am I involved?

In my case, my daughter and I go to the actual farm, (KYV Farm), every other Thursday to select my specified number of veggies separated in bins, visit the chickens and talk to the actual farmers growing the food we eat who we now consider to be friends. Some additional alternatives that may be offered by the farm are to pick up pre-selected boxes of vegetables/food items dropped off at specified places throughout the community that may be more convenient for you than going to the actual farm.  Additionally, some farms, such as KYV, offer home drop-off for your convenience.

I write recipes for CSA/Farm Share produce and help plan events such as Farm-to-Table dinners, yoga workshops, Know Your Veggies workshops, member pot lucks and you-pick opportunities to pick your own produce. 

For all my posts in regards to my farm share simply enter “CSA” in the search box on the home screen.  You will find photos, recipes and information!