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5 Step Plan to a Clean Diet in 21 Days

The Cleansing Life Diet Reset Program   

 (Click here to learn more about the program.)


 One-on-One Wellness Focus Sessions


45-minute Focus Session

Have a particular issue you’re dealing with? Let’s chat, either in person, or right from the convenience of home! One customer wanted to know how to integrate the Cleansing Life Diet Reset Program in with her family’s meals, another knew she would be struggling with detoxification from day 1 and would need a bit more hand holding, and some people need help dealing with their children’s food allergies or leaky gut. I’m here for you!




3 pack of 45-minute sessions – discounted rate

Same description as above, but 3 sessions at $25.00 off. $199.00



Business Services

eBook and eCookbook Creation Services

eBook Creation

Pricing varies greatly with the type of book. Contact me for quotes at

Health & Wellness Business Coaching

Cleansing Life Diet Reset Support

3 pack of 45-minute sessions to help you find your purpose and get your health & wellness business started.

Some examples include self discovery, WordPress design, photo editing software, adding widgets, marketing and running your business.

$75 per 45-minute session


3 45-minute sessions – discounted rate

Same description as above, but 3 sessions at $25.00 off. $199.00




Protein Power Cookbook

Plant Protein Power

Delicious, healthy, plant-based recipes that all have protein – to help you answer the question, “Where do you get your protein?”

This is a digital copy.

Get the hard copy on Amazon by clicking here. $9.99


Plant Power: 10 Cleansing Recipes & 2 Weeks Meal Planner


Plant Power

FREE cause I love ya. Click here to grab it.   

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