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Garlic Black Beans over Rice Pasta 1

The secret is in the sauce with my Garlic Black Beans over Rice Pasta. Extra garlic, onions, Kalamata olive paste and sundried tomatoes are tied together with a dash of balsamic for pure perfection. What is the first thing you are usually thinking about when you get up each morning? If I wake up before […]

Garlicky Black Beans

Black Beans and Oats 015a005

Cumin Scented Black Beans and Savory Oats with Sweet Banana Chips

   Cumin Scented Black Beans and Savory Oats with Sweet Banana Chips ~ a unique breakfast idea. Are you the kind of person that sticks with their tried and true breakfast? Or are you someone who mixes it up on a whim? Either way this dish is for you! If you love your tried and […]

Decadent Black Bean and Quinoa Brownie Fudge 11

Surprise and delight your friends with this Decadent Black Bean and Quinoa Brownie Fudge!  Over a week ago I had this post read to print when the unthinkable happened.  In an effort to get back to some normalcy and keep my mind off things I am up and looking at my site and want to […]

BB Brownies 079003a

Sloppy Joes with Tempeh and Black Beans

Quick and Easy Sloppy Joes with Tempeh and Black Beans 11

  “What….is the number one reason people don’t join a CSA?” Francisco, the owner of KyV Farm asked me with eyebrows raised and eyes wide, waiting for my answer…..  “UM….because they haven’t heard of one?”  “No! Because people want convenience!” Dang. I missed that one. Francisco likes to quiz me on farm trivia. I had already correctly answered […]

Three Tips on How to make a Great Vegan Veggie Burger (and a Savory Veggie Burger Recipe)! 7

  I’ve finally discovered the secrets to making great tasting great veggie or bean burgers when they used to fall apart, turning into mush. The first secret is some flour – any kind will do; add it a tablespoon at a time until the mixture is firmer but only just stays together.  (This does take […]

Savory Veggie Burger with Vegan Cheese

Avocado, Mango and Caribbean Black Bean Tostada

Looking for a last minute dinner idea? Try this Black Bean Stew with Quinoa plus 7 Amazing Black Bean Recipes.

 Black Bean Stew with Quinoa Do you ever get home from work tired and without any sort of plan for dinner?  That’s the time that fast food starts looking palatable.  I say – don’t do it!  Reach for a few cans out of the pantry or pre-cooked frozen beans and grab the quinoa. It only […]

Upside Down Lentil Pot Pie 4

So last Wednesday night I picked my daughter up, got home and had to make dinner. My hubby was still at work and I did not feel like cooking. I walked to my pantry. Nothing. Walked to my fridge. Nothing.  Opened the freezer.  Pie crusts!  Ok so what could I make with pie crust that […]

Upside Down Lentil Pot Pie

Garlicky Black Bean Mila Dip

Garlicky Black Bean Mila Dip and How Omega 3s Can Help Multiple Sclerosis

My mom is an amazing woman.  We talk every morning and she is my coach, friend and therapist all rolled into one.  Never have I met a more positive, loving and gentle soul. She devotes herself to helping others and listening to their problems, at the same time battling a degenerative disease – Multiple Sclerosis. MS is […]

Easy Mexican Tortilla Bake with Mila (NO Pre-cooking, Vegan and Gluten Free!) 1

  Friday night was my second wine and Mila soirée. We laughed, we talked nutrition, we drank and we ate dishes made with Mila. All is quiet after work – waiting for my friends to arrive!   What is Mila? (Those of you that follow me regularly already know but for those of you that […]

Vegetable Stirfry with Rice and Beans and my thoughts after reading the book The Age of Miracles, by Karen Thompson Walker

I just finished the book, The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker.  “On a seemingly ordinary Saturday in a California suburb, Julia and her family awake to discover, along with the rest of the world, that the rotation of the earth has suddenly begun to slow. The days and nights grow longer and longer, gravity […]