Black Beans

Garlic Black Beans over Rice Pasta 1

The secret is in the sauce with my Garlic Black Beans over Rice Pasta. Extra garlic, onions, Kalamata olive paste and sundried tomatoes are tied together with a dash of balsamic for pure perfection. What is the first thing you are usually thinking about when you get up each morning? […]

Garlicky Black Beans

Decadent Black Bean and Quinoa Brownie Fudge 12

Surprise and delight your friends with this Decadent Black Bean and Quinoa Brownie Fudge! Over a week ago I had this post ready to print when the unthinkable happened.  In an effort to get back to some normalcy and keep my mind off things I am up and looking at […]

Decadent Black Bean and Quinoa Brownie Fudge

Vegan Sloppy Joe

Quick and Easy Sloppy Joes with Tempeh and Black Beans 11

You’ll never miss the meat in this recipe for quick and easy Sloppy Joes with Tempeh and Black Beans. “What….is the number one reason people don’t join a CSA?” Francisco, the owner of KyV Farm asked me with eyebrows raised and eyes wide, waiting for my answer….. Sloppy Joe with […]

Three Tips on How to make a Great Vegan Veggie Burger 7

One of my favorite things since switching to a plant-based diet is veggie burgers. Not as a replacement for beef, be because they’re just so darned yummy on their own. Want to make your own? Here are my three tips on how to make a great vegan veggie burger.   […]

Clean Food

Black Bean Stew with Quinoa

Black Bean Stew with Quinoa

Looking for a last minute dinner idea? Try this Black Bean Stew with Quinoa plus 7 Amazing Black Bean Recipes. Do you ever get home from work tired and without any sort of plan for dinner?  That’s the time that fast food starts looking palatable.  I say – don’t do […]

Upside Down Lentil Pot Pie 7

This four-ingredient recipe is quick enough for any weeknight, but delicious enough to offer to company. With all the comforts of home, this Upside Down Lentil Pot Pie will everyone at the dinner table. Last Wednesday night I picked my daughter up, got home and had to make dinner. My […]

Upside Down Lentil Pot Pie

Vegetable Stir fry with Rice and Beans

Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice and Beans

Simple and delicious, you can’t go wrong with this vegetarian staple. Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice and Beans – is the perfect way to feed the population of the future. I just finished the book, The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker.  On a seemingly ordinary Saturday in a California suburb, […]

Faver Dykes 008a002

Vegan Seven Layer Bean Dip with Cashew Sour Cream 4

Ready for a fiesta? Or maybe just need to feed a crowd? You ‘ll LOVE this vegan seven layer bean dip with cashew sour cream!   Seven Layer Bean Dip with Mila Greetings!  I just got back from our camping trip to St Augustine.  Yes I am crazy and yes, […]

Macro Acorn Squash Bowl with Mila, Massaged Kale and Tahini Sauce

One of the best things in life is meeting new people and experiencing new things.  Last Saturday was one of the most fun and memorable.  My friend Gregg, who has been supplying me the wines for the Wine Down Wednesday posts, and his wife Kerry (I hope that is the correct spelling!) had us over […]

Black Bean Burgers - Florida Coastal Cooking and Wellness

Ten Minute – Five Ingredient Black Bean Burgers 8

Ten Minute – Five Ingredient Black Bean Burgers are simple enough to make any weeknight, and the whole family will love them!   I finally got around to trying Happy Herbivore’s super easy bean burgers.  These will now be my go-to recipe when I need something super quick and easy. […]

Pumpkin Chili Mole

Pumpkin Chili Mole 6

Rich layers of flavor and a thick, hearty texture – this Pumpkin Chili Mole is the perfect belly filling comfort food for the season.   When you ask most folks what they put in their chili you typically hear beans, beef, tomatoes etc.  But how do you make a meatless chili that […]

Avocado, Mango and Caribbean Black Bean Tostada 16

Enjoy champagne mango, creamy avocado, sweet onion and tender lettuces nestled on top of crunchy pita in my Avocado, Mango and Caribbean Black Bean Tostada.  This one is going down in the favorites.   Today my daughter and I had our last CSA pickup for the season and what a […]

Round Two Recipe – Black-Bean Banana and Hummus Wrap 8

TGIF Any big plans for the weekend?  For us the only thing we have going on is a band we like to see in St. Augustine is playing at Scarlett O’hara’s Saturday night.  Other than that we may take the boat out or go find a fun playground for our little […]

Clean Eating’s Chili Rubbed Tilapia with Banana Black Bean Salad 11

Recently I discovered Clean Eating Magazine.  I love the fresh ingredients, colorful photos, easy to read recipes and nutrition information for each.   I’m in trouble….another food magazine to love. But you will be proud of me.  Instead of hoarding the magazines until it becomes unbearable and we have to drop […]

Breakfast Salad 2

Sorry for the short posts recently.  I’ve been out of it that past few days!  Since the fish fry I went to on Saturday I have been under the weather.  I finally went to the doctor on Wednesday and she said I had caught a virus so to just eat […]