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Florida Coconut Thai Fish Packets

I will admit there are days I look in my fridge and no inspiration comes. Ha who are we kidding, that’s almost every day. But yesterday, inspiration struck in the form of parchment paper packets.  I found the basic recipe in Clean Eating, but chose to use my dad’s fresh caught fish and the seasonal […]

Coconut-Banana Ice Cake with Chocolate Pecan Crust

Did I mention that I made my own birthday cake for my birthday last weekend? I figured eh…why not?  I wanted to try out a new recipe and I could make exactly what I was craving. Coconut, banana and chocolate. I can’t think of a better mix of flavors.  It was so good I wrote my […]

Peanutty “Noodle” Salad

A few weeks ago I overheard a few fellow yogis talking about The China study: “the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and the startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health” at one of my Tuesday night Power classes.  I had heard of this study but hadn’t gotten it yet, even though […]

Brazilian Vatapá

In a recent episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain was thoroughly enjoying Vatapá, a classic Brazilian dish with African origins.  Vatapá is a thick pureed seafood stew with coconut, jalapeño and peanuts and then a few variable ingredients such as breadcrumb or cornmeal, fresh lime, cilantro, tomatoes and ginger.  How could I not make this? Little […]

Coconut-Banana Buckwheat Waffles served with Hazelnut Agave

Just a super quick post today to say hello.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter! As a special breakfast over the weekend I made a variation of my blueberry buckwheat waffle recipe.  Remember this one? Gluten, dairy and egg free!  This version came out really flavorful and moist from the coconut and ripe banana folded right […]