Fall Panzanella with Kale and Cranberry Walnut Bread

Some of the best recipes are unplanned. This Fall Panzanella with Kale and Cranberry Walnut Bread is one of those fun recipes that turned out so awesome I have to share! Happy Friday  Just a super quick post because I miss ya. And ‘cause I threw this together for a […]

Fall Panzanella

Crunchy Kale Fattoush

I do believe I have discovered the dressing secret of my favorite salad at Mandaloun Mediterranean.  It is tart, tangy, sweet perfection and I think I figured it out by accident.  On a whim, while at the St Augustine Farmers Market I decided I would make a version of the […]

Kale Salad with Beets, Beet Greens and Apple Cider Vinaigrette 12

I returned from my camping trip to Savannah around noon yesterday and had just enough time to unload and clean the camper, get some laundry done, make a big salad and get ready for the next day so no camping and culinary adventure photos yet…I hope to have them up […]

Curried Chickpea Stew

My original idea for this slow cooker recipe came from Heather at Where’s the Beach. She did a wonderful black eyed pea mixture for the new year. I busted out the crock pot and somehow this recipe is what I ended up with. No idea how I went the curry […]

Massaged Kale with Star Fruit, Mango and Roasted Calabaza Seeds 11

Check out this good lookin’ lunch.   Half kale with star fruit salad and half roasted calabaza over fresh lettuce with some fresh organic goat feta from the St. Augustine Farmers Market.     I did my roasted calabaza again but this time I added apples too.  I also toasted […]

Barley and Kale with Sun Dried Tomato, Pine Nuts and Herbed Cheese 10

  In Clean Eating magazine I came across a barley risotto with kale, sun dried tomatoes, butternut squash, pine nuts and ricotta.  The flavors sounded so intriguing together but with putting on my sister-in-law’s wedding shower this weekend I didn’t have time to babysit risotto.  Instead, as time saving measures, I […]

Pumpkin, Apple and Kale Soup 14

After browsing around some food blogs to look for some recipes to use when I get my CSA veggies I came across the most wonderful recipe for a 5 Minute Autumn Soup created by Michelle at Find Your Balance.    I just thought it was brilliant; simple, healthy and a wonderful mix […]

Sautéed Shrimp and Kale with Toasted Pine Nuts and Feta 4

I’m working on a recap of my amazing weekend but in the mean time here is a recipe! This was one of those impromptu meals that came out so well I had to pat myself on the back about what a brilliant chef I am. Just ignore the fact that […]