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The Twelve Veggies of Christmas

First we brought to you the tale of Old McFrancisco had a Farm.And now my three year old and I bring to you….the Twelve Veggies of Christmas. Happy Holidays from FCC! On the first day of Christmas, right from KYV, A Wonderful Kohlrabi.  The second day of Christmas, right from KYV, Two Yum Yums and a Wonderful […]

Kale and Kohlrabi Salad with Miso-Tahini Dressing and Step Number Two in Mindful Eating 15

The first step in my journey to mindful eating was realizing it is OK to be hungry every now and then. This is a daily struggle for me. The weekends have proved to be extremely hard when it comes to not eating when I’m not hungry. I was going to blame my social engagements last […]

Asian Peanut and Cabbage Salad and 7 Facts Award 17

Thanks to Cooking in College for awarding me the 7-Facts Award.  I am so flattered! 1. I go through almost two tubs of plain Greek yogurt each week.  My favorite brand is Chobani. 2. I have gone tenting in the Arizona desert for two weeks at a time, three times. 3. I have always wanted […]

Indian Spiced Kohlrabi and Quinoa Salad for Eat. Live. Be.Monday 14

What a wonderful weekend I had.  Friday night my hubby and I had a surprise date night that included dinner and a few drinks and then we were home early and Saturday we had dinner at one of our couple-friend’s houses and our little ones played together.  I must compliment the dinner we had there….beer battered shrimp […]

Roasted Kohlrabi and Daikon Radish Salad 8

Last Wednesday was my second CSA pickup and I got some really interesting veggies including a kohlrabi and a daikon radish.  The kohlrabi tastes a lot like broccoli to me and the radish was milder than a standard radish.  For Thanksgiving I decided to roast them and make a salad with some of the gorgeous lettuces […]