Spicy Sweet Potato & Mango Lentils with Chili Sauce

One bite of my Spicy Sweet Potato & Mango Lentils with Chili Sauce will have your taste buds dancing. Layers of flavor create balance in this dish; aromatic, fresh ginger, cooling coconut milk, sweet mango, a little heat from the chili sauce, and salty, savory miso ~ all tied together in a neat […]

Spicy Sweet Mango Lentils

(Almost) Raw Moroccan Mango Chickpea Salad

One more day and I’ll be off; flying through the air, straight to San Francisco where we will be for four nights and then heading over to Sonoma for the next three nights for our 10th anniversary.  This is really the second major trip my hubby Chris and I have taken where we fly out […]

Avocado, Mango and Caribbean Black Bean Tostada

Today my daughter and I had our last CSA pickup for the season and what a wonderful visit we had.  We walked around the farm with one of the owners, Vivian while we talked and she hand picked some vegetables for us. After we left the rows of lettuces and greenhouses […]

Asian Panko Crusted Black Sea Bass

In a moment of inspiration I came up with a recipe on the way home from work last night and it is definitely a keeper.  Easy, light and really, really delicious.   I tend to shy away from Asian dishes for some reason.  Maybe because I haven’t stockpiled a lot […]

Maple Tahini Fu Wraps

Morning all.  Remember those tofu sticks I made yesterday?  Here is the wrap I came up with using some of them.  It’s got a little sweetness from fresh mango, a little spice from jalapeno and some saltiness from the tahini.  The Annie’s dressing pulls the whole thing together.  For the […]