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Fresh and Bold Italian Panzanella (Toasty Bread Salad) 2

Sometimes I just want to be a little naughty. I am not an individual that suffers from celiac disease or even a wheat sensitivity.  I just choose, the majority of the time, not to eat wheat. My daughter has a wheat allergy – so I rarely eat it around her. The other night though, my […]

Italian Panzanella

Edamame 010b007

Luscious Lemon Olive Oil Dressing over Crunchy Rainbow Salad 1

Since leaving my corporate job I have been so much busier than I thought I would be – but every minute has been filled with gratitude, peace and excitement about the future.  After 13 years in the structured day of corporate finance I expected to have anxiety with the change of moving into a self […]

Chunky Salsa Taco Salad and my As Seen on TV Confessions 8

I have a confession that is very embarrassing. I’m an “as seen on TV” junkie. I’ve tried: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) here is how I would rank some the ones I’ve tried. Music Bullet 10 – a small speaker that you can recharge and is perfect to plug into your smart phone […]

Tortilla 024b006

Quinoa Florentine

The Most Important Thing and a Recipe for Savory Quinoa Florentine 1

Before I get to my Savory Quinoa Florentine recipe – I’ll share a tidbit I learned over my long 35 year life. Make the time to do the important things.  What are the important things? Think about what means the  most to you. How would you feel if that thing was no longer there? Could you just […]

Roasted Balsamic Mushrooms and Tomatoes 2

Hen of the woods, bears head tooth, giant puffballs and the shaggy mane. They aren’t names of characters in a children’s book – they’re names of edible mushrooms! Ever wondered how in the world people identify edible wild mushrooms? Most of the store-bought mushrooms we eat today are grown on farms in sterilized environments – […]

Mushroom Gills

Quinoa Power Bowl

Kale 3 Ways – Cheesy Kale Tomato Sauce, Kale Basil Pesto and Quinoa Power Bowl 8

Kale 3 Ways – Cheesy Kale Tomato Sauce, Kale Basil Pesto and Quinoa Power Bowl There was a certain time during our camping trip last week that I took my life into my own hands. I was in a stare down with a tired and hungry 4 year old after a day of sun and […]

Kicking off the New CSA Season with a Purple Kale and Sun Dried Tomato Salad and a How-To Video on Storage and Prep 3

Yesterday was our FIRST delivery of the CSA season and what a great start! In our bags we got squash, onions, broccoli, broccoli rabe, spinach, bok choy, peppers, radishes, beans, lettuce, purple kale and more. To celebrate – by popular request, I am posting my very first video on how to store and prep kale and lettuce! […]

Purple Kale and Sundried Tomato Salad

Upside Down Lentil Pot Pie

Upside Down Lentil Pot Pie 4

So last Wednesday night I picked my daughter up, got home and had to make dinner. My hubby was still at work and I did not feel like cooking. I walked to my pantry. Nothing. Walked to my fridge. Nothing.  Opened the freezer.  Pie crusts!  Ok so what could I make with pie crust that […]

Pineapple Tomato Chimichurri over Teriyaki Tofu

Can tomato and pineapple be friends?  After tasting this recipe, I do believe they are the BEST of friends; neither overpowering the other, living in a sweet-savory harmony. And WHY would I put an Argentine chimichurri over a Japanese teriyaki? Because it works!  These flavors can go hand in hand – in this case it’s […]

Pineapple Tomato Chimichurri over Teriyaki Tofu

Easy Mexican Tortilla Bake with Mila (NO Pre-cooking, Vegan and Gluten Free!) 1

  Friday night was my second wine and Mila soirée. We laughed, we talked nutrition, we drank and we ate dishes made with Mila. All is quiet after work – waiting for my friends to arrive!   What is Mila? (Those of you that follow me regularly already know but for those of you that […]