Maple Glazed Fu 5

Two great things.

1) I got my handy dandy “fu” press and I love it.  So much easier and takes up a lot less space than stacking two plates with Jack Welch’s book “Straight from the Gut” on top as a weight. 

2) Cara’s Cravings Blog supplied me with this most excellent tofu recipe. 
Sesame Maple Ginger Tofu.  Thanks Cara!

Apparently my recipe reading skills are a little rusty.  Only after I had marinated the tofu overnight did I realize it was simply supposed to be added to the tofu towards the end of baking.  I can officially say that even with my screw up the recipe still rocked.  I love the combination of flavors and you apparently can’t mess it up by marinating it too long.  I think I might try some in a tofu wrap….I’ll dig around and see what I have at the house that would go well.  To be continued……

Cara’s Sesame Maple Ginger Tofu turned Maple Marinated Fu (oops) Sticks
Serves 4
1. Press the tofu overnight.
2. Marinate the tofu overnight.
3. Cut into sticks. 
4. Bake at 475 for 25 to 30 minutes turning half way through.

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