Bite Club at Havana Jax 3

My third bite club event was at Havana Jax that features Cuban American food.  After reading their menu I was very excited to attend this event.  It was to be more of a mingling bar type atmosphere with two salsa dancing teachers on hand to teach us how to salsa!
Upon arrival we were given a sample mojito which was excellent.  It had fresh lime and mint and was not too sweet.
The bar area has lots of comfortable seating.
My Bite Club date Justine arrived so we had to get a picture.
A little out of focus…..after four more tries….
There we go!
The menu handed out was extensive and I was very excited about the Cuban Rolls Tornado served with chopped salad and olive oil vinaigrette.
Justine, me and Ashlee
Fried App #1
First out was bits of fried pork and yucca.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the pork.  The bite I got was very fatty.
Fried App #2
Fried plantains with a bean paste.
I could barely taste the plantain after the breading and frying.  
Fried App #3
The empanadas and croquettes.  After biting into mostly fried shell…yahoo!  A teaspoon of filling. I didn’t finish the croquettes.
Friends Justine, Courtney and Anthony
Bite Club veterans Lawrence and Lou
The desserts!  I said to the waitress, “I would like to try the Key Lime Pie and one of those cakes.”
“No” she said.  “You can only have one”.
“Oh.  I guess I’ll try the key lime pie.”
It tasted like key lime pie.
I did swipe a mango cake sample there in the back left of the photo which was excellent. Crumbly and buttery graham cracker crust and what tasted like a perfectly sweet, ripe mango.

As far as the Cuban Rolls Tornado served with chopped salad and olive oil vinaigrette as well as several other apps that were listed on the Bite Club menu, I can’t tell you.  They were never served.  And the salsa teachers were not there which was disappointing.
I went home and ate a fresh apple.
Thanks to the Bite Club for free food and wonderful company.
I can’t say I will go to Havana Jax for the food but it did look like a fun bar atmosphere.

Havana Jax Cafe - Cuba Libre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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3 thoughts on “Bite Club at Havana Jax

  • Ashlee

    I agree with your sentiments. Unfortunately I can't elaborate on the bite club blog, but I was really disappointed as well. There are so many restaurants who want to host bite club and are so gracious and generous (like Pierre!) but in this case, I felt like the servers weren't very friendly or willing to share anything about the dishes, and there was just not the food we agreed on (the menu folio provided). I think Sticky Fingers is going to be much better, and this is definitely a learning experience as we get the kinks out of Bite Club. Thanks for your participation 🙂

  • Chef Dennis

    The bite club sounds like a lot of fun! I don't know if we have anything like that around here……I hate when I am disappointed when I go out to a restaurant, I guess the good thing is it was free…lol…