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This past weekend marked the second campout with my new camper and the first ladies only trip….me, my mom and my daughter. 
It started off a bit iffy…cold, rainy, electrical in the camper not working….but with the help of some park rangers, four to be exact, that came to the rescue, the electrical came on (and with it the heat and fridge) by using a very technical method.
 Jiggling the power cord. 
It kind of reminded me of when I call IT because my computer at work has an issue and the IT guy comes up and suddenly the damn thing works.  Sigh. 
But hey, I can’t complain, it stopped raining, everything was working in the camper, Saturday got up to almost 70 degrees and we started having some fun!
I voted this my new favorite close-to-home park.  45 minutes away and really rustic with dirt roads through gorgeous old Florida woods compete with multiple deer sightings and lots of great foliage. It has really nice restroom and shower facilities, it’s 20 minutes from downtown St. Augustine shopping and the entrance to the park is right off I95.
Oh yes, and the park rangers are so friendly and helpful.
(Friday is pictured here…still a bit rainy)
There is a boat ramp and you can rent canoes and kayaks.
Saturday morning we had breakfast outside by the fire! 

Trip to the very bustling St Augustine Farmers Market.

Lunch at my new favorite restaurant.
The Floridian.
Local, seasonal fare.

Cup of Indian Dal with lentils and sweet potatoes.
With each bite we said how amazing it was.  Sweet, spicy and warm on a cool day.

Gala salad.
Marinated Jose’s tempeh over ginger caramelized sweet potatoes and NC apples tossed with quinoa, spinach and local lettuces in a honey-dijon vinaigrette, topped with local goat’s cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds for $10.50.
I think the description says it all.

Cute cortyard area where my little one could run around and not disturb anyone.

After lunch we took a walk down St George Street and saw this fellow.
A one man band!

Scarlett’s is Chris’s and my favorite bar.

I loved the lights at this wine bar.  The “grapes” were made from plastic balls!

 Of course, we shopped till we dropped!

Back at the campground we started up a fire and mom and I had some wine.  
And then we all retired to the camper to watch the Wizard of Oz on the portable DVD.
Go Noles!

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8 thoughts on “Girls Weekend!

  • Dawn Dishes It Out

    What a beautiful girls weekend! Looks like you had fun. I am dying to visit St. Augustine. I have heard how gorgeous it is there.

  • MegSmith

    I could not be more jealous of your camping trip! What an absolutely perfect way to spend the weekend. It looks like you had an incredible time and that food…wow, you and I have very similar taste buds apparently!

  • Dawn

    If you all can get to st augustine it is such a wonderful place. Great resaurants, beaches, history, alligator farm (zoo), camping, farmers markets, boating, live music bars…. We are so lucky to have it 20 minutes away!

  • Rich

    A one-act play about what just happened in my life:

    Me: Laura (fiancee)! Come here and look at this?
    Laura: What's up?
    Me: Can we get one of those campers?
    Laura: Looks at me with that smile that means 'you're cute, but no.'
    Me: Continuing to look hopeful, pretending I don't know what that smile means.

  • Dawn

    I have to laugh because my hubby isn't a camper so I went through a similar scenario. On the way back from our 9th anniversary I saw the camper at a boat dealership on the side of the road. The next day I happened to be driving by and just happened to pull in to check it out and happened to fall in love. My hubby got the call….Um babe? Remember that really cute camper? No? Well there was one at a boat dealership and they will give me a REALLY good deal….
    And then the begging and pleading and finally pulling out the big guns. I work and have my own $$. And when we go out of town you can play golf and hang out with your friends all weekend.
    I think that was was did it.