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After the fun (and stress) of the wedding I was so glad to have the day off to relax. 
And what a perfectly productive yet relaxing day this has been.  I started out in the morning with 1 hour of yoga then a bit of laundry.  I did a bit on my blog and watched some TV.  I made my daughter some gluten free biscuits with some left over sweet potatoes from a cookout we had (might have her help me with some banana ones later), ate lunch and watched Eat Pray Love, took a bath, cleaned out the fridge, put some left over BBQ chicken into the freezer and now here I am.
And oh yes… 
I have an announcement.
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Now for the recipe.
Don’t throw those carrot tops away! 

 I have another use for them…..

The carrots I got with my CSA had these gorgeous green tops on them and I thought about making some kind of salad with them.  Our friend Scott asked, “what do they taste like?”  I tasted them again and they reminded me a bit of parsley but a bit milder and with a hint of carrot.  Immediately I thought this would be a perfect sub for parsley in tabbouleh!  (Especially for those who aren’t a huge fan of parsley, like my friend Ashlee). 

As far as nutrition information I didn’t find much out there other than from the Carrot Museum who states that the tops are full of protein, minerals and vitamins and lots of potassium which can make it bitter.  I urge you to at least taste yours because I did not find this to be true for my carrot tops.  If yours are bitter you might try blanching them in boiling water for a minute or two and then placing them directly into an ice bath to see if that takes the bitterness away.

Along with the carrot tops I decided to add a bit of shredded carrot in as well to bring out more of the carrot flavor.  It added a wonderful bit of sweetness to the tabbouleh.

I served this tabbouleh along side Eating Well’s Rice, Carrot, Mushroom and Pecan Burgers.  The meaty mushrooms, sweet carrots and crunchy pecans were a perfect compliment to my carrot top tabbouleh.

Tip:  You will want to use your food processor for both of these recipes.  It will make quick work of all the chopping.

Carrot Top Tabbouleh


2 cups chopped carrot tops
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 3/4 cups cooked bulgur wheat (I used chicken broth in the preparation as the cooking liquid)
2 large carrots, shredded
1 cup chopped slicing cucumber
1 cup chopped tomato
1 cup chopped green onion
Handful fresh mint, chopped
1/3 to 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/8 cup good quality extra virgin olive oil
Coarse sea salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, to taste


1. Mix the carrot tops through mint in a large bowl; whisk the lemon and olive oil in a smaller bowl and pour over carrot top mixture evenly.  Season with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and garlic powder.  Toss mixture gently, taste and add additional seasoning, if needed.

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