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My Easiest Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Ever is reminiscent of a lasagna with the tomato, Daiya mozzarella and meatless crumbles I found it to be nice and hearty. This was also a great way to get my daughter to eat some veggies.  

Up to this point I had never made stuffed cabbage as all the recipes I found were fairly labor intensive.  First there is the chopping of the veggies, then the boiling of the leaves, the cooking of the rice and the searing of a protein; only to then have to be assembled and cooked again. And then what if I didn’t even like it?! 

Sometimes I still wake up in the middle of a night with a cold sweat and the fading memory of one certain kohlrabi gratin that took three days to make and one minute to throw out.  I still feel ill from the WASTE.

In the spirit of keeping it simple I came up with this recipe.  No precooking necessary, can be assembled the night before and is ready when you get home.  I literally threw this thing together at 9pm and I think it took all of ten minutes.  It can’t be messed up!  Don’t worry about the size of the cabbage rolls and how much you fit in there.  If you don’t have any pre-cooked rice simply throw some dry in and add enough water or broth to match package cooking directions.

This came out great.  It is so worth the minimal effort and I’ll definitely be making it again.  

Reminiscent of a lasagna with the tomato, Daiya mozzarella and meatless crumbles I found it to be nice and hearty.  This was also a great way to get my daughter to eat some veggies.  
Easiest Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Ever
Serves 8
This plant-based, no pre-cook stuffed cabbage is reminiscent of a hearty lasagna. Your whole family will love it!
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  1. 8 Napa cabbage leaves
  2. 1 lb meatless crumbles
  3. 1 jar pasta sauce
  4. 1 onion
  5. 1 big zucchini
  6. 1 yellow squash
  7. 1 clove garlic
  8. Italian Seasoning
  9. 1 cup precooked brown rice
  10. 8 oz Daiya mozzarella cheese
  11. Garlic powder
  1. Roughly chunk the onion, zucchini, squash and garlic and process until finely chopped in food processor; pour into large bowl with meatless crumbles, ½ the pasta sauce, and rice, season with Italian seasoning.
  2. Roll a scoop of the meatless crumbles mixture into each of the 8 cabbage leaves and place in a slow cooker sprayed with cooking spray; spread any leftover meatless crumbles mixture over the top and pour the remaining ½ jar of pasta sauce over the top. Add a bit of water to the jar (about ¼ cup or less), swish around and pour over the top of the cabbage/meatless crumbles rolls. Season with Italian seasoning and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours.
  3. Top with Daiya mozzarella and garlic powder. Enjoy!
Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness https://www.floridacoastalcooking.com/

Nutrition Facts Easiest Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Ever
8 Serving
Amount Per Serving  

Calories 268.5
Total Fat 11.4 g
Saturated Fat 4.6 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.1 g
Monounsaturated Fat 2.4 g
Cholesterol 56.4 mg
Sodium 694.4 mg
Potassium 588.0 mg
Total Carbohydrate 20.7 g
Dietary Fiber 3.7 g
Sugars 0.8 g
Protein 20.9 g

Vitamin A 23.1 %
Vitamin B-12 3.9 %
Vitamin B-6 11.9 %
Vitamin C 29.7 %
Vitamin D 0.0 %
Vitamin E 8.8 %
Calcium 22.7 %
Copper 9.9 %
Folate 7.9 %
Iron 12.2 %
Magnesium 10.4 %
Manganese 20.1 %
Niacin 8.1 %
Pantothenic Acid     4.8 %
Phosphorus     19.9 %
Riboflavin 9.6 %
Selenium 7.5 %
Thiamin 7.1 %
Zinc 7.6 %
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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7 thoughts on “Easiest Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Ever, NO Pre-Cooking!

  • Tasha

    What a fabulously, easy way to do stuffed cabbage. There's definitely no fun in making a labor intensive dish only to have it wind up no good and be a huge waste of ingredients and time!

  • janet @ the taste space

    I don't have a slow cooker (yet) but have also been fascinated with unstuffed cabbage roll casseroles. All the same ingredients, just not as labour intensive because you don't stuff anything.

    Taste of Beirut has an easy cabbage dish with pomegranate molasses that I have been meaning to try for a long time. Glad to see this was easy peasy and tasty. 🙂

  • Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds

    I love this! Like you, I've shied away from stuffed cabbage recipes too due to all of the work. And I hate working so hard on inedible dishes. (Sorry about your Kohlrabi dish!) Crockpots are the best!

  • Cara

    I completely agree that stuffed cabbage is one of the labor-intensive-why-would-i-wanna-go there dishes (there is a yiddish word we use for this but I have no idea how to transliterate it so I won't even try!) Your version sounds much more up my alley 🙂