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Gratitude is defined as a quality of being thankful. An appreciation for what we have an a desire to express kindness.

Gratitude is a huge part of my daily life and is a principal I teach in my mentoring/coaching programs.

Recently my mom bought me a subscription to Oprah Magazine a few years back as a gift and in the July 2011 issue there is a photo by Richard Foulser that really spoke to me.  Along with the photo there was a quote by Marcel Proust.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”.  -Marcel Proust



After searching around I found the below information about the photo that made it even more special but I have been unable to find the original source or the photographer’s website.

“My wife, Ursula, does not like to have her picture taken.  I have to snap candid shots of her, like this one from December 2003.  It was taken on the beach on our Christmas holiday, and that’s Oona, our daughter, in Ursula’s arms.  It captures what I love most about my wife: She’s seriously protective of her kids.  Ursula worked through her first pregnancy and after the birth of our son Harvey, but when we got pregnant with Oona, Ursula decided we wanted to focus full-time on the kids.  She’s at her happiest and most relaxed when she’s with them—like in this photo.  Here, Oona is front and center.  And for some reason she’s wearing socks on the beach!  That’s my favorite part of the photo.”

This was the inspiration for a little letter I wrote to my daughter that I wanted to share since I haven’t done any gratitude posts lately.  Her age, almost 3, can be very challenging and I find myself losing patience and getting frustrated so it’s nice to take a step back and be thankful. 

To everyone out there with a daughter (or son) please give her a hug and appreciate each and every day (no matter how much they can drive you crazy!)

Letter to my Daughter.

I knew from the time you were born that we would be two peas in a pod;
That you came to our lives each day I thank God.

Being a parent over these short years has taught me so much;
Every day I look forward to your gentle touch.

I love spending time with you, it makes my heart sing;
To teach you about life, I take you under my wing.

Seeing the world through your eyes, each bug a delight;
Excitement each day makes everything bright.

Through raising you I have learned patience and strength;
And insight as well hearing your day at length.

The times I get frustrated you maybe can’t see;
That every minute of every day I’m so glad you’re with me.

I look forward to hearing your voice every morning;
That fabulous smile sends my heart soaring.

Though I will be sad when you are grown;
I know that I will never be lone.

For through our lives we’ll always be friends;
And when you’re and adult you’ll come back in the end.

How do I know this? I know this because;
Your nana and I are friends without pause.

We’ve always been close as best friends can be;
Even when you’re grown up you’ll be my sweet pea.

I love you!

Poem by Dawn Hutchins 6-21-2011

Gratitude Diary Leading Up To Today:

12/2010 Gratitude for all who drop by to say hello

In the spirit of the holiday season I would like to say thanks to….

Everyone who “follows” me.  It makes me feel so good to know I’ve got some friends out there with similar interests to share ideas with!

Anyone who comes to visit me and leaves a comment.  All of us bloggers love to hear feedback on a recipe, an experience you have had or just what you think.  I love learning about people and what their thoughts are.  I’m pretty sure you’ve gotta like people if you write a blog!

Anyone who simply drops in for a visit and gets any enjoyment from the photos or recipes. 

9/8/2010 Gratitude for YOU!

One of the most excellent bloggers ever, The Pioneer Woman, just posted the best blog post ever.  Ten Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging.  Number ten being my favorite.

10. Value every person who takes time out of their day to stop by your blog.
Tell ‘em you love ‘em. Regularly.

So here goes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who stops by to visit and comments.  I love you guys and you have made my life a gazillion times better! (Why else would I be so eager to fire up the computer after a long day of looking at spreadsheets on the computer?)

3/17/2010 Gratitude for sage advice 

….from my bodypump teacher? 

“If you don’t change you won’t change.”  Deep.

She was trying to get us to up our weights in body pump class and said this and I thought you know what, she’s right!  I was so grateful to get this post as it was sort of a kick in the pants that I need to change some things up.  Add weight. Add cardio.  Walk the dogs more.  Start running a bit again every now and then.  No excuses!

In light of this I added a workout page to record my workouts.  I am going to put everything down.  If I move it, it gets recorded.  Hopefully this will motivate me to do more if I’m actually writing it down. 

If you were going through a slump was there one thing that got you motivated?

And, what are you grateful for today?

1/25/2010 Gratitude for my home and the motivation to simplify.

After a recent discussion with my hubby about house cleaning and laundry I was thinking about simplifying. I had come across this Tumbleweed concept a week or so ago and loved it. I do love my house but do I really NEED that room? Would I be able to live in a tiny house? There are definitely pros and cons. I wouldn’t have any of my kitchen tools or much fridge space, but it sure would be nice to be able to take my home and relocate. Another plus would be the amount of time savings from what we now spend on cleaning, upkeep and yard work. And this baby would be paid off right off the bat. No more house payment.
Alas, that is not a chance I can make at this time. So in the meantime I will think about what I can simplify, donate or recycle?
My closet, paperwork or maybe just a drawer.

What could you simplify?

Photo Sources

1/20/2010 Gratitude for access to clean, running water 

1/14/2010 Gratitude to live in the USA

After hearing more about the horrible earthquake in Haiti on NPR during my drive home, my day yesterday seemed like it wasn’t too bad.  Any minor inconveniences were swept away when I turned down the street to my house.  I am so lucky my family and I are safe and sound. 
If you’d like to donate to help the Haitians go to the American Red Cross website.

1/11/2010 Gratitude and The Call

Last Friday night I got the call.

The call from my pediatrician.

I had already found out my daughter is allergic to my dogs.  (I have two Labradors that she adores).  I found out she is also allergic to dairy, soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat and cod fish.

My jaw dropped to the floor and stayed there for a few minutes.  Little did I know that Sunday night (yes, just last night), after a trip to the ER in an ambulance, we would find she is also allergic to children’s Zyrtec (suggested by her doctors).  I was thinking what else!?

But then I said to myself you know what?  This could have been a call about some horrible childhood disease.  My hobby is nutrition and fitness.  I can do this. I can figure it out.  This will just give me the opportunity to learn to cook in new ways. 

So now, the challenge. 

My first trip was to Whole Foods to find some products that might make things a bit easier in the beginning.  Here is some of what I got.


What I’m grateful for?  That I even have this challenge to face because I have my daughter.  


1/7/2010 Gratitude and a New Idea

Last night I was looking through blogger trying to find some yoga blogs when I stumbled across a blog titled simply “Thank You”. I scrolled through and enjoyed some of the photos and then closed down my search. 

Suddenly I stopped. Wait, that was an amazing blog. I want to add something like that to mine! As I logged back onto google and typed in “thank you blog” I could not find the particular one I was looking for. 

Has that ever happened to you? 

Where you move on from something too quickly but it sticks in your head. When you try to go back and find it, it’s gone.

The good thing is the idea stuck in my head and I thought what a way to show gratitude daily. I just wish I could have posted the link for you to enjoy. 

Each food photo shows gratitude for food but there are so many other things I’m thankful for. 

My first Thank You is for

Chris, my husband of eight years.

Me and Chris

Your Turn:

What are you grateful for today? Add a note in the comments!

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