How to Cut Veggies Into Matchsticks (or Julienne) 4

How To Cut Veggies Into Matchsticks (Or Julienne)Learning knife skills can keep you safe and save lots of time. In this tutorial, learn how to cut veggies into matchsticks (or julienne) in four simple steps.


I remember when I was just starting to eat healthier. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen chopping. Now I know to utilize time saving devices as much as possible, like the food processor, but sometimes you need a specific cut.


A julienne cut is simply a long, thin strip- great for carrots, onions, celery, peppers and more! 


In this tutorial I used a carrot but the process for other veggies will be the same. 

How to Cut Veggies Into Matchsticks or Julienne 1

Cut the carrot in half.

How to Cut Veggies Into Matchsticks or Julienne 2

Cut the outer sides to make a square shape.  This will make it easier to cut and it won’t roll around.

How to Cut Veggies Into Matchsticks or Julienne 3

Cut thin strips lengthwise like so and lay them next to each other.  You can also stack them but I find they move around a bit too much.

How to Cut Veggies Into Matchsticks or Julienne 4

Cut the matchsticks from the strips you just laid out.

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