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KYV Farm Potluck was yesterday and a good time was had by all. 

We picked wax beans, green beans and English peas, pulled potatoes and ate some amazing food.  As you can see by the photos – the family is growing.  I can’t wait for next season as I’ve got some fun workshop ideas up my sleeve.

On the way home, my mom and I agreed – this is something the kids will remember forever and will take with them through adulthood.  As the saying goes – the children are our future and what a great future we have in store for us.

8/19/2016 update. Sadly KyV Farm didn’t make it here in the US. Dear friends of mine, owner, Francisco Arroyo, has already moved back to Puerto Rico where he and his wife, Vivian Bayona, grew up and met. They moved to the US in hopes of chasing the American dream and providing healthy, organic vegetables for the community. Unfortunately with limited governmental funding and lack of the community support they needed to stay in business and were forced to close down US operations. Vivian is staying here through the end of the year and will join Francisco there after all affairs are wrapped up. 

Hearing about the massive subsidies granted to the corn, wheat, soy and now possibly dairy industries to keep them growing and flourishing, even in light of surplus is what makes me the most sad. The small, community, organic farmer is typically forced to find other lines of work to supplement their passion.  If there’s one upside to being faced with the farm closing and lack of local, organic vegetables, I’ve started learning to grow my own. I first tried gardening and have now moved on to permaculture. I’ll be forever grateful to Francisco for imparting his passion for growing plants and plan to visit them in Puerto Rico!

Enjoy these KyV Farm Potluck Photos!

Farm Pot Luck 1 Farm Pot Luck 3

Farm Pot Luck 4 Farm Pot Luck 7

Farm Pot Luck 5

Farm Pot Luck 8 Farm Pot Luck 10

Farm Pot Luck 11 Farm Pot Luck 12  

  Farm Pot Luck 14

Farm Pot Luck 15 Farm Pot Luck 13

Farm Pot Luck 16 Farm Pot Luck 17

Farm Pot Luck 9

Farm Pot Luck 18 Farm Pot Luck 19

Farm Pot Luck 21 Farm Pot Luck 22

Farm Pot Luck 20

Farm Pot Luck 23

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