Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink – I tried it!

Find out what I thought of Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

I was recently sent a sample of Aloic – an organic aloe vera drink to sample.  Many of the studies I found on aloe vera tested topical application; however, I did find some studies done at NYU where ingestion of aloe vera gel was tested.  This single blind study showed positive results in the treatment of diabetes, (“The results showed significantly greater improvements in blood sugar levels among those given aloe over the 2-week treatment period.” ) but a larger, double blind study would be needed to test it for the treatment of hypoglycemia. A second study on aloe used in the treatment of ulcers also showed promising – of 44 tested, 30% showed complete remission, but again, until more studies are done on a larger sample, the results are inconclusive.

Then I looked up phytosterols and medical studies.  Aloe contains phytosterols, plant based compounds that look very much like cholesterol but are different in the fact that they can reduce LDL cholesterol.  Oregon State University has compiled much information at their site if you would like to read more.

The taste….

 It was refreshing and light and has a mild grape flavor.  The aloe pulp adds a bit of smooth texture.  It sounds great in this aloe spritzer with white wine, lime and club soda.  There are only 60 calories per serving, so if you like to drink lots of juice – this might be a nice change and will cut down on a few calories.

If you want to try some or find out more go to their website at

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