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Inspirational Women Series Kicks off with Christine Roberts and her New Book Inspirational Mind Food

Yesterday I got an unexpected email that brought so much joy to my heart.

It was from an amazing woman named Christine Roberts.  She came into my life a while back through a company happy hour and is one of those people that has an inner light and positive energy that really shines through – you simply want to know more. When she looks you in the eye as you’re chatting, you gain the sense that she really wants to know you rather than just make small talk.  We all need more uplifting people like Christine in our lives.

Christine Roberts, Author of Inspirational Mind Food

The best surprise was what was in that email. Her book release for her book called Inspirational Mind Food!  I was dying to find out more so I asked her if she would be at the upcoming company holiday party and got the response that she is no longer with the company because she left to spend more time with her children and do her own thing – which would be writing this book and pursuing her dreams.  Wow! I love stories of people that have found and followed their passion.  I immediately bought her book on Amazon and hope you will take a look too. I cannot WAIT to receive it in the mail.  

Because of Christine and the many motivating women that have come into my life – especially since starting my business last May – I have decided to do a series on Inspirational Women. I realize this is a food blog so there might be some recipes thrown in occasionally with these posts, and sometimes there may not – but either way I hope you enjoy!
Christine Roberts is a certified child advocate, a former corporate manager of a technology finance firm, a wife, writer and a mother of two children.

Success in Christine’s professional career has come through hard work, diligence and her self-mantra, “Go for it!” Despite facing financial and educational challenges, Christine graduated from Georgia State University’s EMBA program in May 2002 – while working full-time – and rose to the top ranks in every company she has served. She also prioritizes her family by compartmentalizing her work, volunteer, and home life so she can be dedicated in each role she fulfills.

Some of her current community activities include:
• Writer/Columnist: “Motivational Corner” published in My Forsyth magazine
• Mentor: Mentor Me North Georgia (formerly Big Brothers, Big Sisters)
• Volunteer – Browns Bridge Church (Northpoint Ministries)
• Compassion International – International child sponsor
• Certified Child Advocate – Advocacy Center – Atlanta, Georgia
Past services and honors include:
• 2012 “Mentor of the Year” recipient by Mentor Me North Georgia, Inc.
• 2012 “Light of Hope” recipient by CASA of Forsyth County
• Past president of Gamma Delta, a local chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA), a non-collegiate women’s organization whose primary philanthropic projects are St. Jude Hospital and Easter Seal
• Selected as a VIP for the Easter Seal Telethon
• The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation recognized her as one of Atlanta’s professionals who have made an outstanding commitment to Atlanta civic and charitable organizations
• Successful completion of the NYC marathon twice

Christine is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring others to also “Go for it.” Her enthusiasm and ability to inspire others make her a highly regarded and sought-after motivational speaker.

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Contact: Christine M. Roberts
Office: 470-253-7393
Mobile: 404-915-9309

Inspirational Mind Food – Positive Thoughts and Actionable Ideas to Improve Your Mind and Life

Chicken Soup for The Soul meets The Secret

“Inspirational Mind Food” is a compilation of short vignettes in the life of Christine M. Roberts: wife, mother, room mom, writer, business woman…the list goes on. Christine takes us through moments in both her personal and professional life when she was able to consciously create a positive situation, and sometimes not. Christine shares the philosophy that a paradigm shift can occur in your life with both moderation and the power of positive thinking. “Inspirational Mind Food” provides powerful food for thought, which will hopefully help you to live a kinder, more confident life. “Each of us is special, deserving, and worthy of all the goodness life has to offer but it’s up to us to change and improve our path.”

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A couple of Reviews:

By Atlanta Olives

What I like most about this book is that each chapter is specific to a thought or feeling we all have at some point and some really stand out as those you have more often than others. The chapters are short, with a brief example from the author’s point of view on her personal experiences with how some of our destructive thoughts can really wreak havoc on our lives. But she also provides a way to turn it around, and think about it from a different perspective. The book includes ‘take action’ suggestions for how to overcome or reduce these negative thoughts/actions. I have dog-eared a few of the chapters that really resonated with me personally, and I keep it by my bedside to remind myself of how I can control my thoughts and actions when I start to spiral down about a situation. Each chapter is a quick read, so I use it as a reminder when my thoughts start to turn negative. Highly recommend this book!!

By TriesHard

I enjoyed this book and the easy to read format. It’s the kind of book you can pick up and put down easily. The messages are basic and meaningful. Not overly complicated or sappy…Just honest and thought provoking. The correlations to the author’s real life experiences are enjoyable and add to the credibility of the messages.

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