The BIGGEST Secret to Saving Money, Your Waistline AND the Planet 1

Ever wonder how people are able to save money over time and say out of debt? This is the BIGGEST secret to saving money, your waistline and the planet – for ourselves, and future generations.

Celebrate Earth Day! April 22nd.

Save Money and Planet

Save Money and Planet

The cool air of the Saturday morning before Easter was just beckoning for a walk. As I hiked down the street I noticed something blue nestled in the grass and stopped.

My Street

My Street

It was the piece that surrounds the neck of a plastic bottle when you screw the cap off. Next to that was a plastic bag. I picked up the bag, put the piece in and figured if I saw anything else on my walk I would put it in the bag.  

I noticed that lots of trash had been left around recycle bins and trash cans. Even though people tried to do the right thing, lots of it had fallen out of the recycle bins, or the garbage men had dropped loose items and didn’t have time to pick it all up. 

One mile in, I had picked up all this trash that consisted of:

Beer bottles
Powerade bottles
Candy wrappers
Chip bags
“Big gulps”
Single serve liquor bottles
Soda bottles
Tiny plastic pieces
Caps, caps, more caps
Water bottles
Drinking straws
Styrofoam cups and lids
5 plastic bags and more
Bag of weed killer



It got me thinking about the amount of plastic we consume that holds lots of expensive, nutrient deficient calories, or in the case of water, no calories. We had to PAY for that (possibly bpa-filled) plastic bottle full of no calories, when it has been proven that filtered tap water is just fine. There are HUGE gaps in the regulations of bottled water.

I thought of how I see people checking out at the grocery store with a cart-full of sodas, chips, sugary cereals and crackers, or leaving the fast food restaurant with a bag full of empty calories along with a drink topped by a plastic lid and straw that may end up on the side of the road. Even my own cart may have a bottle of olive oil with a cap or a snack for my daughter wrapped in plastic. Are all of those necessary?


Two questions to ask yourself: 

Do I need this [drink, snack, bag….]?
Is there another way I can do this [towels instead of paper towels, silicone lids instead of plastic wrap, reusable snack bags instead of plastic]? 


Albatross at Midway Atoll Refuge

Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable because we have big hearts and we feel powerless. But here’s the truth. We aren’t powerless. We can change the world together – IF we see what really happens in the world, and then stop and think, “Could there be another way? What can I do?” 

Learn more about marine debris here.  

What we can do:

1. Be aware:

Don’t buy it or use it in the first place. 

  • Say, “no thanks”, to the drink straw.
  • Forgo the plastic water bottle, or any “extra” that isn’t necessary and keep that money in our pocket, and the bottle, the tiny cap and ring out of the waterways. That money adds up over time. When we then invest that money wisely it can help keep us debt free. 
  • Forgo the candy or granola bar and save HUNDREDS of calories, and the wrapper will stay off the side of the road.
  • Bring a canvas bag to the grocery store, or say, “no thanks, I’ll carry this [single item] out by hand“. We’ll keep a whale or other sea creature from consuming that bag.

2. Teach:

We can teach our kids by being a good example ourselves. I regularly bring canvas bags with me and I was so proud of my 6-year-old daughter when she brought her backpack to a store to get a new top because she said she didn’t want the plastic bag.

3. Think:

We throw away toothbrushes, floss containers, shampoo bottles, paper towel rolls….could there be another way? One thing I know for sure, is that there is always a way.

4. Learn:

Last week I met with my friend Anna, the owner of the Organic Adventurer. She is a freelance editor (she has edited lots of materials and books for me) and she is a green living consultant. She shows people how to save money, calories and the earth. I asked her if she would share some of her secrets with my Cleansing Life Diet Reset Program students because of the nature of the program – it’s more than just a diet, it encompasses all areas of life – including everything we are talking about here. While we were chatting she got me thinking about all the changes I have yet to make. It’s not just about recycling. It’s about not consuming in the first place. 

See my full interview with Anna here:

She has helped tons of people save money, reduce toxic chemicals in their environment, and reduce their waste and carbon footprint. 

This is not a paid advertisement and she did not sponsor this post in any way, she is just a great friend and after seeing all the trash on that short stretch of road, I thought, what a great way to help LOTS of people. The world needs more people like her.

If you are interested in contacting her, here’s the link to her page at the Organic Adventurer. 

Or, get all her best tips through my Cleansing Life Diet Reset Program – the next program is coming soon! 

Whatever you choose, know you are doing good for the planet. Every time you put down that pack of gum or that bottle of powerade or water, the straw at the restaurant and simply drink out of the glass or say no to a plastic bag, you are doing a good thing.

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