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We’re down to the last few gifts, we’re all broke and who wants another ugly Christmas sweater anyway? Bust out the glue gun and try these last minute homemade Christmas and Hanukkah gifts!


We’re crafty in our house. Over the years I’ve made ornaments, cookies, mustard, scented sachets and I’m sure a ton more things I’m forgetting. My most loved gift was probably the mustard. It’s spicy, sweet and you could eat it with a spoon. I love it on sandwiches, in soups, incorporated into salad dressings (I love my mustard vinaigrette), as a marinade for protein and anything else you can dream up. You’re a smart cookie. I bet you can think of a few ways. 


Now, in the age of Pinterest – there are thousands of DIY gift ideas – it’s hard to choose!


So just for you, I spent hours and hours browsing. It was a tough job but my middle name is sacrifice. So I lit a candle, put on some fuzzy slippers and heated up some peppermint tea to make the task more bearable.   


I came across everything from artwork using organic elements such as stones, branches and leaves, to tasty, sugar-free, all-natural goodies, to natural beauty products. My hope is that you have some of the ingredients to make at least one of these ideas already on hand – or will have easy access to them.


We talked about the mustard, let’s chat about the other DIY Christmas gift ideas. 


  • The tea tree full of detoxteas.  Such a cute, festive idea. I can think of a few people I’d love to make this for. 
  • For word lovers, the Scrabble And who doesn’t have an old Scrabble game at home? Use that in the name of crafts and get yourself a new game, on sale, after Christmas!
  • DIY chalkboard coasters are fun to make with the kids. A few tiles, some chalkboard paint, glue gunand buttons.  Wrap with chalk and holiday ribbon, and you’ve got yourself a gift!
  • Everyone loves soy candles, but they’re so expensive. This tutorial tells you how to make them in your Slow Cooker!  Some of you crafty gals might have thesoy wax on-hand and cotton candle wicks, but I’ll be keeping these in mind for next year, for sure.
  • Foaming hand soap using Dr Bronners – my all-time favorite, natural cleaning solution. It’s made with natural oils and coconut oil etc. We know that anti-bacterial stuff is causing more harm than good, so this is a great option for the gift of health. 
  • Cookies are always a great option. But these are special. They’re absolutely delicious, without refined sugar. So you can feel good that you’re sharing a sweet treat, minus the sugar cravings. 
  • I fell in love with these cutting boards! Growing up my “second mom” had a wood burning tool and this reminded me of all the beautiful things she made. I’m definitely going to find myself one and make these for next year!
  • Simple, beautiful artwork made using natural wood. Branches, paint and fishing line are all you’ll need to create this heart-shaped wall hanging. 
  • No-skills Sharpie mug. This appealed to me because I’ve got no skills. Or at least I think I do, and then I compare it to the Pinterest version and realize, I am indeed, skill-less. I thought this was so pretty with the gold!


Your turn:

Have you ever created your own DIY holiday gifts?  What did you make? Leave a comment below!


I hope some of these holiday gift ideas inspired you to get crafty on these last few days before Christmas or Hanukkah. Happy Holidays!

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