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Cinco de Mayo. It’s not just a margarita filled haze. It’s also good food, friends, bright colors and Mexican beer too. We can’t forget the beer. Today I’m featuring simple, versatile, vegan tacos. An ode to Cinco de Mayo tacos, if you will.


In the past I was more general with my list of 12 plant-based Cinco de Mayo recipes, and the earlier, 11 gluten free Cinco de Mayo Recipes (also plant-based). You might notice the random numbers. I like to keep things exciting – like a bingo game on a Wednesday night. BINGO! Eleven recipes instead of ten. Hmm. Maybe I should have done 14 recipes today instead of boring old ten. Too late now. I already made the header image.


My plans for this year involve….a Ben Harper concert at the Florida Theater in downtown Jacksonville. I’m STOKED! I love Ben Harper. And I’m hoping to find some great Cinco de Mayo Food beforehand. What are you up to? Leave me a comment! I love comments like a kid counting his bite-sized Snickers at Halloween.  Every one makes me more and more excited. (Shout out to Anna. My top commenter. You rock.)


Let’s get to the plant-based taco recipes.  I’ve featured a few of my very own, as well as some other spectacular recipes from the bloggosphere.  I tried the Vegan Teriyaki Tofu Tacos last night from Rabbits and Wolves. I grilled them and used a pre-made, no-sugar teriyaki sauce.  They were sweet, tangy and fresh, and they’ll definitely be added to my weekly rotation. Even my eight-year-old was asking for seconds. I can’t wait to try every recipe on this list.  I hope this post gives you some great inspiration for, not only Cinco de Mayo, but for any night of the week.


Eggless Breakfast Taco – FCC&W


Vegan Teriyaki Tofu Tacos – Photo and Recipe by Rabbits and Wolves


Vegan Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” TacosPhoto and Recipe by Supergolden Bakes


Feisty Vegan Taco Salad – FCCW 

Taco Salad


Beer Marinated Portobello Tacos with Avocado Corn SalsaRecipe and Photo by Veggies Save The Day


Tender, Mouthwatering, Teriyaki Tempeh Tacos or Lettuce Wraps – FCC&W


Vegan Baja “Fish” Tacos with Chipotle Cream and Cilantro Lime SlawPhoto and Recipe by Carrots and Flowers 


Vegan Pumpkin Shitake Tacos – Photo and recipe from Abra’s Kitchen


And three more!  I’ve got no photos available for these – but you’ve gotta check these out.  They looked sooo delicious when I ran across them!

Lentil Carrot Tacos with Chipotle Sunflower Cream – Making Thyme For Health

BBQ Pulled Carrot Tacos – Yup It’s Vegan


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