What Ripped Yoga Pants Taught Me About Life 13

This is the story of yoga pants that ripped during class and what it taught me.


Before the start of every class my teacher asks us what we want to dedicate our practice to. Many times I’ll dedicate the class to simply having gratitude, or a family member.  This time I decided to dedicate the yoga class to my new VegeCooking program.


This program represents more than just a simple offering for me.


It represents teaching a child a life skill, and that eating more vegetables is better for their bodies, the planet and the animals that live here with us. I’ve been working so hard at it, in fact I’ve never worked harder, but I feel drawn to do this almost as if I’m being pulled forward. Has that ever happened to you?


It’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  I’ve never hired anyone or had to buy equipment, or had to deal with the amount of insurance, accounting, changes to my website, and things I can’t even think of right now.


Here’s where the yoga pants come in.


As I went to start my class I noticed a small hole in my yoga pants on the backside along the seam. Right on my upper thigh, but below my bum. When we’re naming what we like best about our bodies, this is not an area I add to the list.  As I tried to pull some of the fabric over the hole I heard a relatively loud ripping sound as the backside of my pants ripped almost all the way across. As in, gaping hole. 


I shuffled to the restroom, smiling at a male teacher waiting outside another room as if ripped yoga pants are totally normal, and tried to inconspicuously pull the bottom section of my pants up and over the ripped section.  It seemed to work. 



As we began the class I noticed that every time I bent over, the large hole in the back of my pants opened up no matter how hard I tried to cover it up. A second, and then a third hole then opened and I realized it would be very difficult to continue the class because there were so many people behind me. I was afraid my pants would disintegrate like a tissue in the washing machine. 


Should I leave class when it takes so much effort and scheduling to get here?


I left to go to the bathroom a second time and noticed the same male teacher sitting outside the bathrooms in another yoga studio he looked up at me and smiled. I could hear his thoughts, somebody drank too much coffee this morning, but I rushed back to the bathroom anyway.


I was so embarrassed I made the decision to leave but I’d left my mat in the studio. Suddenly an epiphany. 


I decided to turn the pants around so that the tears were in the front and told myself, hey, this actually looks like it could’ve been done on purpose. TONS of yoga pants nowadays have tears on purpose! I went back to my mat and finished the class with a fair amount of confidence and realized, this is exactly how I will deal with anything that comes up in my VegeCooking classes.


Even though I want these classes and my business to go perfectly….I realize this is a new program, it’ll have hiccups just like yoga pants that shred off your body, revealing the exact spot on your leg you’d rather people not see. But if you can just look at the issue a different way you may realize that, not only have you found a solution, but you’ve discovered something new. Like a new style of yoga pants.


In fact, I considered keeping the yoga pants and starting a new trend, except while we were in bound angle I realize there was a new hole in the crotch area too. Damn. There goes my future and yoga pant design.

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