Gaze Into My Crystal Ball…..2018 Food Predictions 6

2018 Food Predictions

Gaze into my crystal ball to learn what’s in store in the food world for this year with my 2018 Food Predictions. Be prepared to be amazed at my gypsy-like predictive skills for what you can expect to eat this year.


First. Let’s review.  2017 is gone. Did you rock it? Or are you ready to kick it to the curb?


I’ve had plenty o’ curb-kicking years, but 2017 was a rockin’ one for me.


Tons of delicious recipes were tested, created and blogged. I launched my after-school cooking classes. The scariest, yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done (aside from giving birth, haha). I turned 40. How the hell did THAT happen? Chris and I went backpacking for the first time on the Appalachian Trail. As in, we lived in the woods for three days. (Note my petrified face in the below photo before we started out.) Who said it’s all downhill from 40? Bam!





My 2017 New Years Resolution for last year was to give up plastic bags, bottled water and plastic straws. Except for a few exceptions that couldn’t be helped, aka. the waitstaff giving me a straw even when I specifically asked for no straw, lots of single-use plastic was saved from going into the environment. And I actually stuck with it for a whole year.


This year’s resolution, along with continuing last year’s, is to give up polystyrene (Styrofoam) takeout containers, cups etc.


Now don’t be shy. What’s yours?


Food Predictions for 2018


Drum roll please…….



2018 Food Predictions


1. This year will be the biggest year yet for veganism.


The growth of vegan products has taken off and the massive agri-businesses are snapping up the start-up vegan product companies faster than you can say cruelty-free. The wave has started and it will continue to build in 2018.


2. People will pickle.


More and more people will be diagnosed with Leaky Gut and will be eating fermented, pickled and probiotic-filled foods.


3. Plant-based proteins will continue their massive growth on the shelves.


In 2018, plant-based proteins will gain even more shelf space, just remember to use them in moderation. It’s best to stick with whole food versions – beans, starches, grains, nuts, seeds and even veggies. 


4. Potatoes, grains and sprouted breads will come into style.


Carbs are not created equal. It’s all about calorie and nutrient density.  A potato will fill you up on less calories than an animal foods, has a great balance of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, AND vitamins and nutrients to keep you fuller, longer.  Be afraid of processed carbs – very afraid – but welcome in the whole plant carbohydrates.  


5. Herbs and spices will be hot. 


People will be blending more of their own spices and will learn about how it’s spices they associate with traditional foods, not the animal proteins.  Think about Thanksgiving.  It’s the thyme, rosemary, onions, celery and garlic flavors we associate with the holiday – not necessarily the flavor of a turkey. 


6. Every part of food will be used and less will be wasted.


More recipes will use all parts of the plant. Broccoli stem salad, sauteed beet greens, carrot top tabbouleh and pestos are great options to start. 


Want to take the next step?  Compost your scraps and even start re-growing food you get at the grocery store!  Place the base of romaine lettuce in water and watch it grow. Plant green onion roots in soil and then water.  Place the stems of mushrooms just under some dirt and new mushrooms will form.  Cut sprouted sweet potatoes in chunks and plant in the yard.  The leaves are edible and the vines will produce more potatoes. 


How did I do in previous years of food predictions? Check it out!


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6 thoughts on “Gaze Into My Crystal Ball…..2018 Food Predictions

  • Denise Jones


    Happy belated 40th birthday! I enjoy your predictions because you are connected to the energy of creation: food, friends, family, environment and living your life with intention.

    Many blessings,


  • Anna

    Lol, that look on your face in the backpacking picture!! “We’re doing this? Like, right now?! Okay, yeah, this is happening!!” Priceless! As are your predictions. I agree with every single one. I really hope people will become mindful of the waste they create and try to reduce it in 2018. Cheers to a brand new year!

  • Jennifer Lopez

    I am in love with your pics! Thank you for sharing such in-depth and great information! I am a vegetarian and I have a large amount of protein in my diet.