Get Control. Quit Dieting.

Learn to Eat Clean and Kick Processed Food Addiction For Good

This program has been changing lives since 2014, yet is freshly updated every year as new, evidence-based science emerges.

What if you could skip all the mess and get right to the good part?

  • Everyone's commenting on how incredible you look in your new outfit (but secretly, it's your old fav you can finally fit back into.)
  • You finally have a good relationship with your body and are able to listen to hunger signals.
  • You wake up and realize you haven’t had headaches, bloating or digestive issue in weeks - you feel incredible.

There's a myth out there that you have to struggle before you make a change...

That you'll lose control if you take one wrong bite.

Have to live with headaches, weight gain and digestive issues.

Be forced to buy fat pants and have to donate all your favorites to Goodwill.

Constantly be distracted by sugary treats that totally screw up your productivity.

What if you could skip all that mess and get right to the part where you realize you DO have control and that you're starting to see positive results within the first week?

I'll show you how. Download the program now!

By choosing this program you’ll get the following:

Step-by-Step Plan

Learn exactly what to do, step-by-step. All the thinking is done for you.

Fall In Love

Eat your way to a healthier you, fall in love with how you feel, and learn to love yourself!

Proven Way

Proven way to finally get back into your favorite clothes.

Christine E.Super-mom of three boys

My favorite was eating what I wanted (of course within the program limits) whenever I wanted! YUM! This program WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! Yes, I lost 13 pounds but what I gained was WHY I was eating! Now, I remember that my body IS a Temple — and not a trash chute! The first 4 days were challenging –  but then I started feeling in control. If I had a sweet tooth then I ate a date but as crazy as it is I really didn’t have sweet cravings. I truly listened to my body and it told me everything I needed.

Dawn knows her stuff. 

    Her creds:

· BS in Sociology (the study of people!) 
from Florida State University

· Certificate in plant-based nutrition
through Cornell and the T. Colin
Campbell Foundation

· Certification in nutritional therapy
with a focus in epigenetics. 

· Almost forty years of experience in
macrobiotics and natural foods

· Almost ten years experience with
severe food allergies.

I know what you're going through. I've been there.  I'll admit I got caught up in some good marketing instead of listening to what my grandmother taught me about macrobiotics. I’d tried it all to get rid of my binge eating – Weight Watchers, Atkins, Zone – you name it. They'd work at first, but then a few weeks or months would go by and I'd start to backslide.

I was dealing with severe depression, headaches and digestive issues. I realized I was addicted to sugar and processed foods and that what I was doing wasn't working.

I needed a jump-start. I’d tried a few other programs….but I found them lacking in structure and frankly, I wasn’t convinced I could stick with it because I got the “what to do”, without the “why”.​

I realized I’d been focusing on the wrong thing.  I told myself, If you’re gonna do this, you need a PLAN.


What I needed didn’t exist, so I created it using a combination of everything I’ve learned through experience, my certificate in plant-based nutrition, certification in nutritional therapy and epigenetics and the help of the best of the best registered dietitians, certified life coaches and naturopathic physicians.

I know it works because I’ve lived it. For over five years. I lost the last ten pounds, my cholesterol is in the low range and I’ve never had more energy. The best part is, I’m never hungry.


I’m here to tell you, you absolutely can make a change in 21 days.

Dawn Hutchins, Founder FCC&W
Creator of the 21 Day Cleansing Life Reset Program

Megan Weigel

"In three weeks my skin cleared up and my headaches, bloating and joint stiffness were gone."

“I recommend this program highly! It was very easy to follow.  

In three weeks my skin cleared up and my headaches, bloating and joint stiffness were gone. I had more energy and lost 6 pounds. For anyone considering the program it is easier than you might think and the benefits are amazing!” 

- Carol J. IT Recruiting Professional

What you get in the 21-Day Reset:

This program is a revolutionary mix of proven naturopathic methods passed down my my grandmother - an expert in macrobiotics and master herbalist, backed by the cutting edge science of epigenetics and plant-based nutrition.

You won't find this combination anywhere else. - Dawn Hutchins

Getting Started is 
Fast and Easy

Hate reading manuals? The Quick-Start will get you off on the right foot quickly. 

  • Skim over this guide and know the whole program in minutes.
  • Every three days you'll see a new page with photos and step by step instructions that coincide with the videos.
  • Find easy suggestions and tips to keep you on track.

You'll Never Be Alone

The Facebook group is always there to help. With a great mix of seasoned and new members to offer support and advice.

  • ​Share recipes you love
  • Ask for suggestions
  • Share your successes

You'll Be Armed With The Knowledge
For Success

The manual is an incredible resource for you to keep forever and refer back to for years to come.

The manual was built as an incredible resource filled with everything you need to know about eating more healthfully, plus facinating book and documentary suggestions.

Simple, Delicious Food 

There's no way anyone will stick to a diet with food that sucks. Get a full cookbook of recipes, PLUS a cooking guide that takes the guesswork out - because hey, though you want flexibility in the long run, the cooking guide will give you a daily guide for which recipes to choose first.

  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and even dessert!
  • Quick and easy meal planner
  • Check out some of the recipes:
Warm Gingerbread Cookie In A Mug

Warm Gingerbread Cookie In A Mug

No-Bake Samoa Bites

Samoa No-Bake Dessert Bites

Bowl Licking Good Lentil Soup

Bowl-Licking Good Lentil Soup

Black Bean Burgers - Florida Coastal Cooking and Wellness

10 Minute, 5 Ingredient Black Bean Burgers

I'll Be With You Every Step of the Way

Let's have a quick meeting every three to four days.

Not only do you get all the awesome resources to keep you on track, I'll be with you, though 3-5 minute videos, at each step - breaking each one down and cheering you on. 

Everyone Loves A Bonus! 

Just for doing the program you'll get a full extra week!  Yes! You read that right!

Did you know we absorb 60% of what we put on our bodies? So we can clean up our insides, but our outsides need a polishing too!

  • Simple healthful, beauty and cleaning recipes
  • My world-class three minute meditation will help you start the day right.
  • Learn the best ways to move your body for long-term health.
  • Even discover which houseplants best cleanse the air!
Barbara Reid

"Where to begin….feeling SO much better.."

"Where to begin….feeling SO much better.

I’ve lost 11 pounds which is a plus but I mostly wanted to feel better. I reduced my cholesterol by 50 points** and reduced my blood sugar.Going to really learn what my body is wanting instead of my mind. :) Truly thankful for this program!!! - Cheryl K - RN

**Cholesterol results were taken 6-8 weeks after end of program and she stuck with the lifestyle.

- Cheryl K (Registered Nurse and Tennis Instructor)

What You’ll Get...

The Following Goodies:

Completely downloadable product that allows you instant access!

Purchase now and get control of your choices today!

Get started right now....

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*Keep in mind that you'll want to get the program a few days to a week ahead of time so you'll have time to prepare. I suggest you start on a Monday. Read through the materials and do some shopping. The menu and plant-based recipes are guidelines. You don't have to follow them exactly and you can try other recipes if you like. I'm here to offer suggestions! Contact me at with questions or comments.

"I lost 6 pounds over the three weeks...and that's with eating MORE calories than before the program."

"I lost 6 pounds over the three weeks...and that's with eating MORE calories than before the program. Just eating the right kind of calories. May do this program every few months just to keep on track. This reset was great and I love the results! Thanks Dawn!" 

- Jenny B (Creative Designer)

But I've already tried everything...

Think about all the struggles you've had in the past and wipe them clean. This time will be different. You'll start fresh and get to the bottom of what's holding you back.

Imagine a life where you eat when you want, not when your cravings tell you to. Where you're able to stop eating when you're full. And where you can enjoy yourself instead of obsessing about food.  

Don't hesitate, act now and download the program. You don't want to miss out on making the positive change you deserve.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

• Quick-Start Guide to get started simply and quickly  

• Cookbook of simple, delish recipes with photos on each page $29 Value. Meal planner $20 Value.  

• Full Program Manual – an incredible resource to last you for years to come. $99 Value

• Instructional videos every three to four days, clearly explaining the next step and offering support. $495 Value

• FREE Home Handbook $47 Value

• PLUS Free Meal Planner, Self-Discovery Form and More!!!

All these now for just:

Forget $690!

You get all this for only $97!

Savings of $593!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I do this program while I'm traveling?

What if I mess up?

Will my family like the recipes?

Are these recipes appropriate for kids?

What are the foods in the program?

I am crazy busy. How am I going to do this program?