Gone Camping

Gone Camping. A little about my quirky self.

Aside from food blogging and yoga, camping is my favorite pastime.

I grew up in the Northeast so camping in Cape Cod and Vermont over the summers was a typical weekend for us.  We both tent camped and had various campers throughout the years.  I married a non-camper (the horror!) out of college so I took a brief hiatus until I had my daughter, aka new camping buddy, and started back up.  Her first trip was at 8 weeks…

Here we are in front of my parent’s old Lance camper.

We celebrated my daughter’s 10th campout before she was 3 years old.

On the way back from my 9th anniversary trip in St Augustine, I spied a teardrop shaped camper at a small boat dealership on the drive home as we sped by.

Here is “Princess” at the actual boat dealership.

happened to be driving back by the next day and took a look at her and fell in love.

 The price was right and timing was right, so in the fall of 2010 I was the proud new owner of a 2004 t@b camper!

T@B kitchen area

T@B with table up

Then I found out my beloved T@B had serious water damage

I learned a lot about demolition, woodworking and camper repair.

New Floor, New Roof and a Paint Job Later.....

Back in Action!

Read about our adventures at my camping blog ~ A T@B Trailer Story

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