Ginger-Lime Kombucha Mule. Watch Out! She Kicks! 3

A refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, spicy-sweet, Ginger-Lime Kombucha Mule with a Kick.     Ready for a refreshing headache, nausea and insomnia-free summer beverage? This alcohol-free drink is perfect for the nights I don’t feel like being hung over the following two days.   In fact, we might say this drink could be semi-good […]

Ginger-Lime Kombucha Mule with a Kick

Four-Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 4

Though it’s still warm here in Florida, fall spirit has descended upon us like a warm, cozy, trendy, scarf-wrap. This four-ingredient Pumpkin Pie Smoothie will help get you in the warm and cozy mood, without the hairline sweat you’d get from downing a hot PSL in 90 degrees.     But […]

Simple, Healthy Subs For Massive Results: Raw Cacao 2

Try a new way to make New Years resolutions stick. Lasting change comes from small, easy-to-manage steps. To start, fresh for 2017, try one simple, healthy sub: raw cacao vs. powdered chocolate drink mix, hot chocolate or processed cocoa powder.   I’m finally going to lose the last (x) pounds. I’m […]

Get A Little Naughty With My Christmas Hot Toddy 2

I post a lot of kid-friendly stuff, but now’s the time for the earmuffs. It’s mommy time! Get a little naughty with my Christmas Hot Toddy. Grrrrl it’s cold out there… most places other than Florida. But hey, it’s still fun to drink such things down here, so in the […]

Fat Bomb Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) 8

Fat makes your brain as happy as a Floridian with electricity after Hurricane Matthew. So brain, here ya go, a Fat Bomb Pumpkin Spice Latte.   Can you tell I’m still in hurricane recovery mode? This was probably the biggest one I’ve lived through since moving to Florida in 1995. […]

Hemp Milk

One Step, Non-Dairy Hemp Milk 5

Say goodbye to boxed non-dairy milks and say hello to creamy, delicious, protein packed, one step, non-dairy hemp milk. Cow’s milk is nature’s perfect food. For cute baby cows. When it comes to humans it’s toxic. High fat dairy creates an acidic environment in the body. As your body tries to […]

3 Surprising Reasons You Shouldn’t be Juicing (And the One Exception) 6

WHAT? Shouldn’t be juicing? Yes – here are my 3 surprising reasons you shouldn’t be juicing (and the one exception).  To juice, or not to juice… It can’t CURE anything. Run the other way whenever someone claims that their juice, pill, concoction….any one thing will “cure” an ailment. What juicing can do is help […]


Pre-Travel Smoothie

3 Tips for Eating Out and Traveling on a Vegan or Plant-Based Diet

Dining Out is Easy with My 3 Top Tips for Eating Out and Traveling on a Vegan or Plant-Based Diet. Before you leave, load up your body with nutrients – enjoy my fresh, sweet and creamy pre-travel smoothie. Dining out while attempting to eat a healthy diet is hard. Eating out and traveling on vegan or plant-based diet […]

Refreshing Summer Coolers 4

My Summer Coolers with fresh fruit and herbs are perfect to bring with you on the go. They will leave you feeling light, refreshed and are 35 calories or less! Drink eight glasses of water. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Don’t drink sodas or diet sodas. Hey, we all know the rules. We know we need […]

Herb Coolers

Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink – I tried it!

Find out what I thought of Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink I was recently sent a sample of Aloic – an organic aloe vera drink to sample.  Many of the studies I found on aloe vera tested topical application; however, I did find some studies done at NYU where ingestion of […]

Dawn’s Kick Ass Pomegranate Sangria 6

  I’m sure you’ve been hearing about all the antioxidant benefits of pomegranate juice.  I did some research about the origins and found that the pomegranate is native in Northern India to Iran and was introduced in California in 1769 by Spanish settlers.    What is the reason for all this […]

Apple Spinach Smoothie 3

Had a bit too much fun lately?  Detoxify your body with this Apple Spinach Smoothie! A refreshing and delicious start to the day. TPC was here this past weekend.  For those of you that don’t follow golf, it’s a big golf tournament called The Players Championship.  One of my big […]

Apple Spinach Smoothie

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chickpea Spread 2

This delicious, dark chocolate spread comes with a secret that may just help you get into your Victoria’s Secret. It’s actually a chickpea spread! Chickpeas are considered a superfood in my book. They’re packed with belly slimming and hunger satisfying fiber and protein with slow burning carbohydrates to give you lasting […]

Coffee Soy Latte

Silken tofu gives a great protein boost to this creamy, filling coffee soy latte with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Here I am, back again with the tofu.  This morning it’s nice and cool out so I wanted a warm coffee drink.  I still have some silken tofu to […]

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