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Know Your Vegetables Workshop, Saturday, January 28, 2012

Know Your Vegetables What can you make with all your CSA vegetables? Are you storing them properly to prolong their freshness? How can you get your kids to eat them? To all existing, new, and future CSA members: Come join us at 1670 Borrow Pit Road, Switzerland, FL on Saturday, […]

Pasta Alfredo with Fresh Peas, Spinach and Eggplant 1

Attend a Farm-to-Table dinner and you’ll be inspired to make fresh dishes such as this Pasta Alfredo with Fresh Peas, Spinach and Eggplant. If you don’t have a Farm-to-Table dinner on the books, allow my recap of our recent one, hosted by the Floridian in St Augustine, featuring KYV farm, Terks Acres […]

Plastic Free Options from Pockets of Sage

An awesome local company that offers plastic free lunch packing options – Pockets of Sage! (Source) As a follow up to my post last week about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch I wanted to share an option for replacing your plastic sandwich/snack bags and grocery bags. I found Sarah from Pockets […]

Pockets of Sage

Free Range Yoga Success!

Before I get to my recipe of the week (featuring pumpkin!), I’ll share a bit from my weekend. On Saturday I hosted a yoga workshop we playfully named “Free Range Yoga” featuring Yoga Den and KYV farm benefiting Slow Food.  Considering the weather was cold and very breezy we had a […]

What my plant-based meals look like

Ready live a plant-based lifestyle? If you’re wondering what the heck you’ll eat, here’s what a day in my plant-based life looks like. Maybe you’ll nab some inspiration! Very recently I’ve been getting lots of looks like I have three heads and then the question “Well then what ARE you eating?”.  If […]

Grilled Veggie Tacos

Easy Tacos with Fresh Grilled Vegetables 8

Pair these ‘Easy Tacos with Fresh Grilled Vegetables’ with guacamole, chips and a few margaritas and you’ve got yourself a fiesta! Remember how I mentioned that most Florida farms are ending their farm shares for the summer?  Well there is one farm that is not only growing cucumbers, zucchini, squash, […]

Open Faced Omelette with Fresh Goat Cheese from Our Visit to Terks! 11

  Terks Acres  Saturday afternoon my mom, daughter and I got in the car and drove off into the balmy Florida afternoon heat.  We were on the way to Terks Acres, a goat farm about twenty minutes south for a tour of the farm from Sharon TerKeurst herself.  Old oak trees laden with Spanish moss […]

Rustic Spinach-Garlic Spanish Tortilla 14

Spanish Tortilla is simply a potato and egg omelet cooked with olive oil.     Ever since that spring day at the farm when we celebrated the warmer weather with a farm-to-table potluck, and I had the good fortune of trying a fellow member’s Spanish Tortilla, I have wanted to […]

A Visit to Timberlin Creek Inspires a Summer Veggie Baba Ghanouj 12

Last Thursday, as I stepped out of my car and grabbed my camera bag I was excited.  I was finally going to meet the award winner Kathleen Damiano and see her famous garden at Timberlin Creek Elementary School.  I signed in and waited up front for her to come get me.  As soon as […]

Purple Basil Vinaigrette 12

Another Saturday at the St Augustine Farmers Market. This time we went with a mission…. We saw some really cool gift ideas but that wasn’t what we were here for so we kept browsing. Saw some gorgeous flowers. ….but that’s not it either….. Visited Terks Acres Goat Farm booth. (I’m dying […]

Bring on the School Gardens! 3

Have you read the article by Mark Bittman, Do Georgia’s Child Obesity Ads go Too far? They have placed overweight children on billboards with the statements,“Chubby kids may not outlive their parents,” Or: “Big bones didn’t make me this way. Big meals did.” In the article he presents two differing […]

Avocado Mango Tostadas

Avocado, Mango and Caribbean Black Bean Tostada 16

Enjoy champagne mango, creamy avocado, sweet onion and tender lettuces nestled on top of crunchy pita in my Avocado, Mango and Caribbean Black Bean Tostada.  This one is going down in the favorites.   Today my daughter and I had our last CSA pickup for the season and what a […]

Save the Date if you live in the North Florida Area. 5

Check out the poll I’ve added there to the left.  I would love to know what you readers are thinking about various subjects.  I’ll change up the question each week. Thanks for stopping by! Slow Food First Coast Announces Tour de Farm Contact: Marcia MacPhersonSlow Food First Coast(904) Mimi […]

Beaches Green Market 2

If you live in the Jacksonville Beach area please check out the Beaches Green MarketEvery Saturday, 2-5 PMJarboe Park, Neptune Beach

CSA Week 5 5

Today was wonderful week 5 (for me who has a half share) at KYV farm.  Here is a sneak peek at what I got. The plan is to do a rice, carrot, mushroom and pecan veggie burger, spaghetti squash with cilantro edamame pesto and parmesan, Pueblo pumpkin stew with cubanelle […]

CSA Week 4 9

CSA is also known as Community Supported Agriculture. The produce you’ll get every week or every other week is a variety of fresh picked veggies and fruits.   Merry Christmas!   Here in Florida our farm season is over the winter – so over Christmas we get fresh picked veggies. Though […]

CSA Week Three 5

I’m going to let these veggies speak for themselves. See what I got from my CSA at KYV Farm! Green tomatoes, Cubanelle Peppers, Green Peppers, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Green Onion Red and green lettuces Cauliflower Kale Cabbage