Food Find

A Thanks to The Cookie Momsters, a Gluten Free Bakery 5

  For my daughter’s birthday I made the kids plain vanilla cupcakes and ordered special ones from Cookie Momsters for her.  They were gluten, egg, soy, nut and dairy free and she loved them!  The frosting was sweet and creamy and the cake part was a bit more dense than […]

Curried Tofu Salad 5

It’s Friday!  And….I have a girls night tomorrow night!  I can’t wait. I’ll be trying out a new restaurant at the beach called Salt Life.  Hubby has been out of town on a golf trip since Wednesday so it’s just been us girls at home (my daughter and I).  My […]

Food Find! Grandma Hoerner’s All Natural Pumpkin Butter

Monday came to a close after my daughter’s uneventful ENT checkup. I got home early and took her and my two Labradors for a nice long walk. I started this morning off right with coffee in my new mug along with a little oatmeal and Pumpkin Butter. (Recipe in next […]

Seeds of Change 1

During my last food shopping spree I found Seeds of Change Tikki Masala Simmering Sauce.  Yes, I realize I’m supposed to be cleaning my pantry out and not adding to it but this just looked so good! Hi my name is Dawn and I’m a food hoarder. I used it […]

Original Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks

Another food find. This product is from Vegan Essentials that is sort of like Cheetos but gluten and dairy free. They have a great crunch and a light texture.   Now mind you, once again, this is a food to be enjoyed in moderation.  Always choose fresh fruits and veggies first and then enjoy a minimum of snack foods. […]

Weight Loss

The Slow Weight Creep 1

Ack! It’s coming and I can’t seem to stop it. The slow weight creep. I’ll let you guys in on a little tidbit.  Being thin and weight loss does not come naturally for me.  I have to work so hard at it and I’m always tweaking what I’m doing to […]

Quick, Healthy Lunch Tip for Busy Days 2

To busy to make lunch?  Try my quick, healthy lunch tip of combining fresh and pre-made. Sometimes in the morning I have nothing prepared for lunch at work.  If it’s a gym day I eat at my desk.  For backups I try to have a few options in the freezer just in […]

Peppermint Crème Coffee

Peppermint Crème Coffee, a combination of refreshing peppermint and sweet cream create the perfect holiday treat! This is a food find I have to give credit to my friend Justine for as she was the one who found it at Fresh Market.  Last week I got an email that said I […]

PB2 and PB2 Chocolate

Join me in peanut butter heaven with PB2 and PB2 chocolate! Have you tried PB2 and Chocolate PB2? Since my friend Justine found this on line I have been in peanut butter heaven.  As one of my favorite foods I had to keep it to an every now and then splurge, […]