What Ripped Yoga Pants Taught Me About Life 13

This is the story of yoga pants that ripped during class and what it taught me.   Before the start of every class my teacher asks us what we want to dedicate our practice to. Many times I’ll dedicate the class to simply having gratitude, or a family member.  This […]

5 Questions to Ask to Get the Marriage of Your Dreams

Everyone experiences marital problems. It’s part of two different people walking the road of life together. Happiness is part of wellness, so I’m excited to bring the 5 Questions to Ask to Get the Marriage of Your Dreams… … from my dear friend Barbara from Cultivate Holistic Health. She is an […]

Easy Three Bean Salad, Naturally Vegan 4

Fresh summer produce gave me the idea for this Easy Vegan Three Bean Salad. There is nothing better than vine ripened tomatoes, hearty edamame and garbanzo beans, and crisp-tender green beans dressed simply with olive oil and sea salt. For cookouts, beach days, and everyday life, this is the PERFECT summer […]

Easy Vegan Three Bean Salad

Loaded Falafel Burger

Loaded Falafel Burger with Roasted Vegetables 1

These easy Loaded Falafel Burger with Roasted Vegetables use fresh roasted veggies along with premade burgers to save time on a busy weeknight. Could there be anything better than eggplant, tomato and onion all roasted and caramelized? I think not. I give no apologies when it comes to dinner on busy […]

Sugar Free Oats with Nut Butter and Coconut Oil 3

Stick-to-your-ribs filling, my all natural and sugar free oats with nut butter and coconut oil are full of healthy fats, fiber, zero cholesterol and only 3 grams sugar. A perfectly delicious way to start your day! My Nana always told me white sugar and white flour is the devil. Back […]

Sugar Free Oatmeal

Savory Quinoa Florentine 2

Savory Quinoa Florentine is a simple and elegant dish with sautéed tomatoes, caramelized onions, aromatic garlic and wilted spinach. Before I get to my Savory Quinoa Florentine recipe – I’d love to  share a few insights I’ve learned over the journey of life. Make the time to do the important things.  What are the […]

Kale and Tofu

Tofu Xpress Giveaway and an Easy Saucy Kale and Tofu Sandwich 38

Sometimes we just want a simple, delicious meal that is easy and fast to make. If that’s you, you’ll love my Kale and Tofu Sandwich. ____________________________________________ And the winner of the giveaway is #13 Anna Rabhan! Please check out her article at her website the Organic Adventurer on Palm Oil […]

What are your goals and dreams? 3

Trying to discover your goals and dreams? I hope my story will inspire you. My life has been a whirlwind lately!  It’s amazing how things start to change when you focus on the positive. I have no doubts that the next two years of my life are going to be […]

Community Supported Agriculture.jpg

End the Struggle to Lose Weight and be Happy with Yourself

Have you tried everything and, although it works for a while, weeks, months, even years later you’re back to square one? Me too. In this post learn how to end the struggle to lose weight and be happy with yourself. Losing Weight and Learning to Love Ourselves We women are […]


Gratitude Post – A Letter to My Daughter 13

Gratitude is defined as a quality of being thankful. An appreciation for what we have an a desire to express kindness. Gratitude is a huge part of my daily life and is a principal I teach in my mentoring/coaching programs. Recently my mom bought me a subscription to Oprah Magazine a […]

Busy Weekend! 8

A quick post to tell you what I’ve been up to…. A wedding! My gorgeous sister-in-law, Kathryn, got married yesterday at a perfect, simple and elegant brunch wedding. My little one was the flower girl. And I was a very cold Maid of Honor so I wore this shawl the whole […]

Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011. My Support System. 9

I’ve linked up with Joanne at Eats Well With Others which is one of my most favorite blogs.  Her dishes are both healthy and delicious with some decadent sweets thrown in every now and then.  In a recent post she blogged about a group that will be starting up Eat.Live.Be. […]

My Saturday So Far 11

Saturday, so far, has been spent food shopping and cleaning….getting ready for my sister-in-law’s wedding next weekend.  I am the maid of honor and we are having the family over to the house the night before the wedding to celebrate.  Somehow we were able to fit in a bit of orange […]

Happy Thanksgiving to All 5

Since I may not be able to log on tomorrow I would just like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and say thank you to anyone who comes here to visit me.    May your travels be safe, family be healthy and dinner come out perfectly!   XOXO Dawn After Thanksgiving spend […]

Thanksgiving table

Special Thanks to Ashlee and Cara 12

Recently my friend Ashlee at Veggies by Season had an on line auction to raise money for Molly’s vet bills. Molly Molly is a little dog she found wandering alone on a busy road in Jacksonville.  Ashlee kindly took her in and brought her to the vet.  She is in fairly good health but […]

My New Camper! 18

I got my new camper tonight.  It’s not actually new just new to me.  Lemme tell ya the whole story. Sunday, on the way back from our night in St Augustine…..  ….I saw this little beauty on the side of the road at a boat dealership and thought that is […]

Night in St Augustine at the Edgewater Inn 6

I’m back and I missed you! And I have a few photos of you from the Edgewater Inn.  We fell in love with this place. Now mind you, they just rebuilt the historic Bridge of Lions so there is a barge left where they are removing the temporary bridge but […]