Internship Opportunities

You want to get into integrative health and wellness, the problem is you aren’t sure exactly what direction to go in. You’re considering internship opportunities but there are so few that fit exactly what you’re looking for and you have so many questions. 

Do I want to own my own company? How the heck do I get started?
People have already done it all. How do I differentiate myself and make money?
What if I want to join a company that reflects my values? They always want someone with experience. How am I supposed to get experience when they won’t hire anyone unless they have experience? 

Screw it. I’ll go find a “good” finance job like my dad wanted me to. 

ACK! No! Wait! 

My internship program is the answer. 

I wish someone had helped me get started back in 2009 – it sure would have made life easier. Now I want to give back and help you get ahead faster. 

Mentorship & Internship Program

Academic Mentorship & Internship Program

You’ll gain credibility, a mentor and real life experience to add to your business about page or your resume and a referral for any future opportunities.

Who’s this opportunity for?

  • Anyone interested in a digital integrative and holistic wellness with a focus on plant-based living.
  • You’re excited, passionate and SERIOUS about blazing a trail in the health and wellness industry.
  • You’re a recent grad and/or dietetics or RD student that doesn’t want to follow the clinical route. 
  • You want to change careers. Maybe you had a major health experience. Maybe you’ve had a calling. Whatever it is, you landed here for a reason.
 Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Prospective openings:

If you’re interested please send the following to dawn (at)

  1. Resume
  2. Bio (Just give me a an interesting blurb about you. We had to get the boring stuff out of the way with the resume.)
  3. What area you’re interested in and why
  4. How much time you wish to devote. 
  5. Examples of any work you’ve done in your area of interest (from school, your own time or otherwise)

Once I receive your information I’ll get back in touch with you as to whether internships are available in your area of interest or whether you’ll be put on a waitlist. Should you be accepted into the program you’ll receive an email from me with the terms of the opportunity and more details.

Good luck!


Dawn Hutchins
Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness

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