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Vision Board
Vision Board

I have so many visions for the future – I intend to change the world in a BIG way. These visions are what drives me. They are my WHY for creating this business.

Join me on this wild ride called life. Let’s live with vitality, create a better future for our kids, and shutter factory farms! 

The story 

As a little girl I always felt a connection with the earth.

I loved science, camping and digging in the dirt of my dad’s garden to plant seeds and find wriggling worms – they’re BIG up in Massachusetts. It was my dad that taught me to have a connection with nature. His background was biology and he loved sharing what he’d learned with me and encouraged me to respect the earth.  I also adored animals and volunteered at the local humane society. I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Or maybe it was an astronaut. Or maybe it was a veterinarian astronaut. 



I learned from my Nana.

As my grandmother soaked grains and beans on her counter, chopped vegetables, and created herbal salves for my grandfather who suffered from ALS, I would peek over the counter, my nose barely above the edge, and watch her every move. She would excitedly tell me all the healing powers of plant foods. Our trips to the natural food store became the highlight of my stays with her. It was the smell – earthy and natural – that I loved….as well as the delicious Tiger Bars she would bribe me with to get me there until I fell in love with the place. Sneaky Nana, real sneaky.

As I grew, I learned I also adored connecting with people.

Everyone has a different, fascinating story. I’m not saying I like to sit around the drum circle and sing kumbaya, but I celebrate the fact that we’re all unique and have our own special gifts to offer the world. I went to Florida State University, full of hope. I took nutrition classes and dove into the study of people, Sociology. There was just something that didn’t feel right with those nutrition classes. They didn’t jive with what I learned from my grandmother.



Where I struggled, was how to put all this together.

I lost my way for a while, not knowing in which direction to go. Somehow I had gotten it into my head that I just needed to get a job to buy things and took a job in corporate finance. Yes, some things are really nice to have, like a dishwasher, but do I really need all three pairs of the same pumps in different colors? I felt dead inside. So I started a food blog in the hopes that it would give me some solace and enable me to connect with people through food and nutrition. I also became a distributor for a natural food and supplement business on the side to start diversifying my source of income in order to eventually transition out of the super-fun and rewarding career as a documentation QA manager.

Two things happened to push me to move towards change, scary change and rediscover myself: I had a daughter, and my dad passed away very suddenly.

I had a LOT of problems with pregnancy. I lost my first daughter, Keira, when I was eight months pregnant, and then had two miscarriages following that. When I finally had my daughter, I was ecstatic. She was beautiful. Perfect. But I never saw her. I would drop her off at the daycare I paid a thousand dollars a month for. I cried every day – to and from work. I had watched my dad deal with the corporate grind for forty years, and he hated it, but he did it out of a sense of duty for me and my mom. The day he finally decided to retire he passed away. He. Was. Gone. He would never get to enjoy the retirement that he worked for so hard all those years. And my mom, with Multiple Sclerosis, needed a lot of help. So that was it. I made up my mind that I was leaving my job and I would focus on my side business and blog.

But something was still missing. I was looking for a way to connect all of my passions.

I created a group of classes I called the Cleansing Life Class Series. Yet still, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted a way to help moms. We are the cornerstone of society. We birth the babies. We are the examples for future generations.

…So I created a 5 Step, 21 Day Plan to Reset Your System, Fall in Love with Clean Food and Feel Amazing.  I call it the Cleansing Life Reset Program: Clean Food. Healthy Life. And from that online group program I created a FREE 3 Day, 3 Step Clean Food Plan to give something to everyone – whether they could afford it or not. 

Click here to look at the FREE 3-Day, 3-Step Clean Food Plan

BAM. I’d found it.

CLRP clean food After I lost Keira and then gave birth to my daughter remembered how I felt horrible, run down, and even though I knew what I should be eating, I was addicted to processed foods and sugar. I was totally out of control and out of touch with my own body and it was scary.  I worried about my daughter growing up and how she would look at her own body. I worried about the world she would grow up in. Nothing I tried worked. I knew if I was feeling this way, other moms must be too. 

I refused to use the excuses….”Your hormones get out of whack and your body changes after you have kids.” and, “You’re just getting older. Your metabolism slows down.” 

Pardon my language but, bullshit. Look, it’s not just about that of course, but between my daughter’s food allergies and my so-called metabolism issues, I needed some answers.

I wanted more than a diet. Diets don’t work.

They don’t talk about the addictive power of sugar, processed foods and excessive salt. I hated the grueling task of counting points or calories instead of really learning how to eat and listening to my body. I worry about how our food choices affect other living beings and the planet. I want my daughter to have a clean, safe place to grow up in, and I want the same for her kids.  So after many, many, years of research, a certification in plant-based nutrition through Cornell and the T. Colin Campbell foundation, and the publishing of a cookbook, I created this program and tested it on myself.

I experienced weight loss, FREEDOM from counting points or calories, compliments on the fact that I was lean and glowing, and questions about what I was doing, control of my own body. I was eating healthy and became the role model I wanted to be for my daughter. Success!

So I jumped in and launched my idea. It was a smashing success. I’ll never forget when one of my customers told me, “This is different than anything I’ve ever done, and I’ve done everything. It’s changed my life.” Again! Success! That’s what I was striving for. It makes all the years of education, research and 4am mornings 100% worth it. And the best part is, with this program, I am moving closer to the world in the photos on my vision board that represent my hope for people, health, animals and the earth.

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