Smoothies For Health

Satisfying. Delicious. Perfect for any time of day.

Smoothies for Health

The benefits:

  • Have energy like a six-year-old on Red Bull.
  • Fall in love with increased vitality.
  • Get gorgeous, hydrated skin.
  • Show off that lighter, leaner body!

The Smoothie 411...

Smoothie Book with 30 smoothies – one for each day of the month – plus three bonus nut milks. Each recipe was meticulously crafted and tested for taste. Beautiful, full color photos, healthy tips and focus on the benefits, vitality, energy and lean body.

What you’ll get:

100% Plant-based Smoothies

100% Whole Foods

100% Natural Sweeteners

with NO added sugar...
(Yoga Instructor, Coastal Yoga & Nutrition and Co-Author)

What You Won't Find:

"What we put in is just as important as what we left out!"

  • NO carageenan
  • NO artificial colors or flavors
  • NO refined sugar
  • NO dairy or gluten

Sneak Peek:

Breakfast Smoothies

Coffee Lover's Smoothie

Our breakfast smoothies, such as this coffee lover's smoothie, will have you skipping the Starbucks frappuccino in no time. Not only will you save on calories and money, you'll add nutrient dense foods to your morning!

Savory Smoothies

Not all smoothies are sweet! Some of the best are savory.

This summer veggie smoothie is like gazpacho in a cup. You'll love every fresh, savory sip.​

Enjoy these warm or cold. Perfect for winter smoothies. 

Fresh Herb Smoothies

Celebrate beautiful, fresh herbs in our herb smoothies

We love combining fresh herbs and nutrient dense fruits, veggies and nuts into our smoothies for a fun variation on the standard fruit smoothie.

Dessert Smoothies

Say YES to dessert. Without the cravings!

Finally, you can have your dessert and eat it too. Since none of our smoothies have refined sugar, feel free to indulge to your heart's delight!

Who we are:

Learn about the authors, Dawn Hutchins and Brynlee Rogers.

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Smoothies for Health

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