Bok Choy

Pizza Party! 1

Even kids with lots of food allergies want a pizza part every now and then, so last night we had one!  This made my daughter very happy. We used brown rice tortillas and some AMAZING garlic marinara we picked up at the farmers market, Joy’s Gourmet, Garlic Joy.  I don’t even […]

Creamy Asian Salad with Raisins 11

A little crunchy, a little creamy, a tad salty and a little sweet. This Creamy Asian Salad with Raisins has the perfect yin and yang of flavors and textures. Here I am once again with an Asian salad. I know I make a lot of these but this was one […]

creamy Asian salad

Veggie Saute.jpg

Sweet, Salty and Nutty Veggie Sauté with Quinoa 21

This Sweet, Salty and Nutty Veggie Sauté with Quinoa is to die for. With a perfect balance of flavors and textures, you’ll be sure to add this to your weekly rotation!   With this recipe I came to a realization. Everything is better with (almond) butter.  I had not planned on […]

Asian Sea Bass and Bok Choy with Shitakes 6

Now that I’m three installments into my farm share I feel I can do a fair review. The quality of the food for the price can’t be beat. If you have been reading my CSA posts you see the amount of organic veggies I’ve getting. It’s so much more than […]

Asian Bok Choy Slaw 9

Last Saturday night was bonfire night.  We had a delicious dinner and on the side was grilled corn and slaw.     I chose this bok choy slaw because, I hate to admit, I don’t think I’m a huge fan of sautéed bok choy.  I know…I’m crazy.  It’s a texture thing.  My […]

Bok Choy with Garlic and Ginger 1

At the farmers market a few weekends ago I bought a gorgeous head of bok choy and never got around to using it until I looked at it and realized I had to use it or it would go to waste.   That day there was an Amy’s meal I wanted for lunch so I cooked […]