Welcome to the VegeCooking Club!

Imagine your kids:

  • Eating more veggies and loving it. (They taste all their creations!
  • Learning a vital skill for the future through a hands-on approach.
  • Discovering the wonders of cooking, along with math, science and English.
  • Experiencing the joys of learning to eat locally and seasonally.
  • Learning to grow their own foods! 

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Moms tell us one of their toughest challenges is getting kids to eat their veggies.

We're here to help...

Hi, we're the VegeCooking Club

The VegeCooking Club is a series of hands-on, after-school cooking classes for kids in St. Johns County elementary schools - 2nd through 5th grade.

This program will arm your kids with the skills they need for a lifetime of health.

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Kids have a blast learning the life skill of cooking and the benefits of eating fresh fruits and veggies through the The Seven Learning Styles:

Story Time

Students listen to the chef teach the day’s curriculum through story, learn cooking techniques, tips and fun facts!

Share Experiences

Kids answer questions corresponding to the weekly story, drawing on their own experience.

Hands-On Recipes

Children sample the raw fruit & veggie ingredients using taste, touch and smell - the kids create the recipe - washing, chopping, measuring, whisking & more.

Colorful Posters (Visual)

Our colorful visuals - including our "benefits of" posters - are read by the kids!  

Activity Sheets


The children learn math & measurement skills through fun coloring and activity sheets.

Team Work

Kids work in teams to create several of the recipes within each session.  


Alternatively, a few weekly recipes will be “create your own” at the student’s desk. 

A day in the life of a VegeCooking Club Student

As the kids gather their book bags at the end of the day an announcement is made over the loud speaker that VegeCooking classes are being held that day. The children are directed by the designated teachers and after-school coordinators to the meeting place for the chef to pick them up and escort them to class.

The classes are always held right at your child’s school in the same place each week. They will never be without supervision.

The VegeCooking chefs bring all the fresh foods, paper goods and learning materials. The classes run for an hour and there are 4-5 classes within each session. Your child doesn’t need to bring a thing to class!

Each class starts with a story that includes the day’s lesson. The children then get a number that signifies their turn. Depending on the recipe, your child will get one-on-one time with the teacher to learn the skill of the day, or will be divided up into teams to create a different section of the recipe with classmates.

While children are waiting their turn, they are watching and listening to skills and techniques offered by the teacher, feeling, tasting and smelling samples of the raw fruits and veggies, writing or coloring on a the weekly activity sheet to learn measurements or other information, or may be called up to verbally read the “benefits of” poster.

And the best part? The students then have the opportunity to taste their creation at the end of class! 

It's cooking...and so much more! Kids learn about living in a more sustainable way (we use real silverware and no single-use plastics!) and all about growing their own food forest through something called Permaculture!

Who's behind the classes?

Chef Dawn Hutchins and her team of awesome teachers! (Pics coming soon.)

Her creds:

· Over twenty years’ experience in
macrobiotics and natural foods

· BS in Sociology (the study of people!) 
from Florida State University

· Certificate in plant-based nutrition
through Cornell and the T. Colin
Campbell Foundation

· Certification in nutritional therapy
with a focus in epigenetics. 

· Over eight years of experience with 
severe food allergies.